Saturday, 23 December 2006

Dear me!

It's been almost a month! What's become of me?

Well, not much actually, hence the nothingness for December so far, but I thought I'd better pop in for a little updatey-kinda-thing...

I had a couple of "featured extra" bits in short films lined up for the first half of December, but they were both postponed until January/February.

Also postponed has been the feature film, because R-the-director has been having lots of issues with scheduling and casting and illness. He's kept in touch though, so that's a good sign, and he still seems keen to have me on board (whether in the lead role or not, I don't know).

I'm starting to send photos out to casting agencies, having established that that is in fact an acceptabel thing to do.
I phoned Barrett Casting because I heard that they were casting Baz Luhrman's Australia (which is being shot next year partially in Sydney). The lady I spoke to was very nice and helpful and said that even though there was unlikely to be anything suitable in that one, I was welcome to send my photo to them. So I figure casting people are happy to receive photos. So that's what I'm doing. :)

Last week I designed and "operated" lighting for a singing recital, of the students of a lecturer of mine from college. "operated" is in quotations because as it turned out, there was no operating to be done - the lighting board died about an hour before the show. I spent all morning rigging and focussing and plotting my beautiful design, and - kaput. Something went psycho with the memory of the desk and I wasn't clever enough to figure out the problem. Apparently this particular desk has played similar refusal-to-operate games in the past.
Anyway, I managed to get a few lights working straight from the dimmer racks and the show went on with one stable amber wash, and I morphed into Assistant Stage Manager.
It was very sad.
But, my fee paid for some Christmas presents for my children, so the frustrating day was worth it.

What else?
You know, I don't think I've even watched any movies this month!
No hang on, I watched Coyote Ugly and Save the Last Dance last week. Just a couple from my feel-good collection. :)

I'll be taking my girls to see Charlotte's Web either today or next week. I keep hearing all about Dakota Fanning, she's a clever little girl that one.

Okay that's enough of a rambly-updatey-thing.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Hope you all treasured the Winter or Summer Solstice! (depending which hemispehere you're in!)

Blessings to all for a happy holiday season!