Tuesday, 29 January 2008

"We all deserve to die....."

... is the line of song I've had stuck in my head since I woke up Sunday morning. Charming, really. :-)

My darling dearest gorgeous husband took me to see Juno and Sweeney Todd in between a wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday (it was a Japanese/Chinese/Danish wedding; they had lots of traditions to complete in that time!).

Juno was cool; much better than I was expecting. Even though I'd read rave reviews, the previews hadn't really appealed to me. But I really liked it. Great performances and a really good script. (Very bad fake pregnant belly though. Oh, when will they learn?)

Sweeney, honestly, deserves *most* of the praise that's being thrown about over it. Johnny DEFINITELY deserves the Golden Globe and the Oscar nom, he's just divine. Just the perfect mixture of reality and craziness and, well, just a stunning performance. Some really scary moments from him, and some truly hilarious ones. And as usual he was entirely, bodily and emotionally, dedicated to every single moment.
I wasn't so keen on Helena's Mrs Lovett at first, but she did kinda grow on me towards the end. Her voice didn't seem quite right to me, but what do I know about singing voices.
All of the supporting cast were fabulous too. Lots of really gorgeous (and scary, and sad, and funny) moments.
And the film just plain *looked* great. Cinematography, costumes, makeup, lighting, all so rich and deep and good to look at.
Oh yes, and lots of blood. Lots and lots. More than I expected, and extracted more violently than I expected. Quite freaky, in fact.

Anyway. Yes, loved it. Will have to see it again and see if I like it as much without all the suspense and anticipation.

Meanwhile, abovementioned fabuloso husband is about to arrive home with a stash of chocolate. Must be off...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Heath Ledger!

Oh my goodness! Noel just called me to say Heath Ledger has been found dead, apparently of a drug overdose.

I can't find a news article because we're on dial-up speed at the moment and I bet half of Australia is trying to look up the same articles right now. But oh man, how awful. What a shock.

And what a stupid, stupid way to die. In the middle of a wonderful career. Damnit.

Edited.... Sorry, I probably shouldn't say "stupid". All evidence apparently points to this being an awful accident involving sickness and sleeping pills. My thoughts go out to Heath's family, and his little girl Matilda. I hope the media can keep the heck away from them now and let them mourn in peace.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Not that anyone reads this blog anymore, but just in case... yes, I'm still alive. Not even busy or anything, just have nothing to blog about.


I'm 33 weeks pregnant now, with this very wriggly baby boy. Everything's going perfectly and I feel really healthy and positive.

My big girl starts primary school next week. I'm so not ready to hand her over to teachers for 6 hours a day. However, she's completely set on going and won't have a bar of homeschooling, so off she goes. Maybe I'll surprise myself and end up loving the whole schooling thing.

Smaller girl (as welll as turning 3 tomorrow!) starts preschool, one day a week, the week after. She seems so much more grown up than T did at this age. It's crazy.


Work (the casual promotions job) has totally let me down. They didn't contact me for weeks and when I emailed saying I was keen for lots of work during January the roster girl just said there was nothing available, everything had been allocated. Not a single shift offered to me for a whole month - after I was assured of two shifts per week. And just when I was really counting on it to be able to cover a few big bills coming up. Selfish sods, that's what they are. It's not like I can just go and get a new job, at 7 months pregnant.


I went to an audition for a (non-paying) "feature film" in the city last week. They director emailed me especially, even knowing I'm pregnant, so I was feeling really positive about it. Turns out the "feature film" is more like a series of short films, with really very amatuer scripts, and they were considering me for a role as a headmistress. Now honestly, when you think "headmistress", do you think mid-twenties and heavily pregnant? I sure don't. So much for that. I haven't heard back from them anyway - I'm quite relieved that I don't have to decide whether or not to turn down a dodgy role.


Thursday! Sweeney Todd !!! Need I say more?