Thursday, 31 July 2008


Paparazzi photographers are revolting. The poo of a flea living in the scum of the earth. The people who buy the magazines they publish are almost as bad.

That is all.

The List...

Every now and then I mention putting something on my To-Watch list, or watching something from it. Said list is a scrap of old notepaper that I keep in my wallet for quick reference at the video shop or department store.

Here's what's on it right now...

In Her Shoes
The Ninth Gate
The Brave (I'm DYING to see this, anyone know where I can find it in Australia???)
The Pianist
Dog Day Afternoon
Eve's Bayou
The General
Casablanca (I know! I can't believe I haven't seen it yet!)
Raising Arizona
Connie and Carla
Donnie Darko

Also still on the list was Arizona Dream, but I have actually seen that a little while ago... weird... will see it again though to try and understand the little sucker...

(Oh and there's a title on there - "That Hideous Strength", which I have no idea about. I cannot find a film by that name on IMDB or anywhere. What was I thinking about, I wonder?
EDIT - I found a novel by CS Lewis with that title. And I have no idea why I would have wanted to read it, especially as it appears to be the third of a series. Chalk that one up to one of those odd random moments I often have...)

So, I'm thinking that's actually a pretty short list. Why are there not more films on my list?

What, dear lovelies, do I need to add to it?

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pink and Green and Chocolate all over...

So, it was Friday night. Noel was away for work, I was in a lazy don't-want-to-cook kinda mood, and the girls and I just wanted to hang out. The obvious choice: let's make chocolate cake for dinner!
Oh yes, I am the coolest mum ever; you better believe it.
Setting aside all thoughts of late-night sugar-induced madness, I rounded up the overly enthusiastic troops and got started.

I make chocolate cake just using a basic butter cake recipe. When adding the flour to the creamed butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs I just whack in however-much-looks-good of cocoa powder (I like to use lots so it tastes properly chocolatey!), and then add a little more milk to make up for the extra dry ingredient. Even better is to add some real melted chocolate too but I didn't have any around last night.
It's always an anxious moment handing over the ingredients to the small people; you never know what's going to end up all over the floor! But it's fun, and I find if you just expect them to do well, they appreciate the trust so they tend to rise to the occasion and live up to your expectations (um... mostly... more on that soon...).

See - lots of cocoa... mmmm....

So the cake was done, all baked and cooling down. Time for the icing...

Ooops! "Mummy the bowl was moving by itself!" Yes darling, of course it was. I took the photo because otherwise I was going to lose my temper! Grabbing the camera gave me a second to breathe, put on my happy Mary Poppins voice and say "oh well, accidents happen!"

Now, can you tell that we had conflict over which colour the icing should be?
And... dinner! Yum. :)

Oh and yes, the girls did go a little mental at bedtime, but a few giggles and bed-swaps later, they were asleep for the night by 9.30. Success!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

And now for something *not all that* different...

I have a secret. A very important and surprising revelation.

I am interested in Other Things. That's right, my life does not revolve entirely around dreaming of being an actor and sitting around watching films. In fact, a very small percentage of my current life revolves around those things. I spend my days with my family; feeding and teaching and entertaining them, loving them, finding ways to provide for them.

In honour of that fact, and in an effort to revive this dwindling blog, I'm going to start blogging about a broader range of topics. Essentially, instead of being about "me the actor", it will be a place for "me the creative person". Anything that can concievably be called Creative will be fair game - photography (if Noel ever lets me get my hands back on the camera!) sewing, cooking, craft, kid stuff, and of course film and drama. I want this to be a happy little corner for me to just be me. And I'll try to include lots of photos.

Sound okay?
Anything you wanna hear about?

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Dark Knight

Just got back from the local (kinda crappy*) cinema after seeing the most hyped film in ages... and loving it as much as I ever love an action film.

You see, I have issues watching action movies. I tend to keep trying to see and understand what each person is up to, whereas I think you really need to watch them with a bit more of a broad mindset so that you don't get lost in the details. I tend to get quite lost and only when I realise I'm getting lost, stop and broaden my focus a little, do I start to figure out what's going on and enjoy it a bit more.

Plus, I must admit there was a bit of an emotional thing going on with me. I really wanted to see more of Heath Ledger (because he was utterly wonderful and I just wanted to drink him up!) and I kept getting annoyed when I thought there wasn't enough of The Joker.

So, setting aside my neurotic weirdness.... it's a great film. Like I said, Ledger was wonderful, totally stealing the show. Really. His every movement and sound and look screamed out his character. There was nothing missing and nothing too over the top. I'm trying not to be emotional about it and praise him just because he's now gone, and I honestly don't think I am. He deserves the praise. It's the ultimate Joker.

I enjoyed watching Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, too. He keeps surprising me that guy (Eckhart I mean); one minute I think he's your typical light-comedy kinda guy, the next minute he's doing something really dramatic, then he's off doing psycho comic-book guy. I like it.

Christian Bale, well, he's Batman. What is there to say? Apparently he's one of the hot sexy guys out there at the moment... I dunno... I've never noticed... anyway, he's a lovely Mr Wayne. Maggie Gyllenhaal was her typical cute self. Nothing particularly special, but then the character didn't call for anything much.

And how cute is Alfred? You've gotta love Alfred, and his relationship with Bruce/Batman.

The most annoying thing, and this is something that has been really starting to get to me lately, was the music. As soon as some music started, I thought "ah, composed by Hans Zimmer." And I don't like that. I want the music to subtley and cleverly fill in some gaps and accentuate some great moments. I don't want it to scream "Hello!!! I was composed by Hans Zimmer!!! That's why you are suddenly, inexplicably thinking about Pirates, Lions, and kung fu Pandas!!!"

No offence, Mr Zimmer. Your music really is beautiful. Just... perhaps... a little more variation? Some new themes? Ta.

(okay, have to laugh... I just read on Zimmer's IMDB page that he apparently "plans to retire" for some years after The Dark Knight, to work on teaching and helping young composers. Perhaps he figured out his issues before I did...)

Anyway, back to the topic... The Dark Knight.... yes, lovely. A little too much "action movie" for me but hey, it is in fact an action movie - so we can't fault them on that!


*wouldn't be so crappy if more people from around here patronised it and helped the management in their quest to afford the upgrade they've been working on for years!

Friday, 11 July 2008


I just watched Casanova on telly - the film with Heath Ledger. I have actual tears all down my face.

Oh, Heath.

He was so beautiful.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Freddie Highmore rocks.

If I were 14, I would be so in love with Freddie Highmore. What a brilliant and lovely young man. Alas, when I was 14, he was 2; so for now I shall stick with great admiration. His acting is truthful and understated and seemingly effortless, and his personality is gorgeous.

I found these quotes on his IMDB page...
[Talking about his dressing room demands] Because I'm a spoiled little brat, I absolutely always insist on a table and chair and lighting. This February I'm even going to demand heating.
[On celebrity] As long as you don't stand on the corner and wave your arms about, people don't notice you too much.

Funny boy. I just think he's so mature and grounded and intelligent.

Okay, so that's enough fangirling.

As I mentioned, we watched August Rush the other night. I loved it. My girls kept looking over at me, all worried, because I kept gasping and grinning and sobbing. And you've gotta love a film that gets those emotions going! (although I have to admit you probably wouldn't find it as emotional if you aren't a parent)
I absolutely love the way that the music of this film is so integral to it. Maybe I'm just a sap but I found the concept of the music leading Evan to his parents just beautiful.
I surprised myself by being impressed by Robin Williams. I generally don't like him much (too much swearing and stupid humour for me) but as the manipulative kind of Fagan character, he was excellent. Quite scarily horrible.

Okay, I shall stop rambling. I'm typing one handed while feeding the bubba and I can't get my thoughts together. Off to entertain the troops...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Well she might do better than some world leaders I know of....

My 5-yr-old has been pretty demanding today.

Sumara: *is frustrated* Talitha! You don't get to run the world!
Talitha: *is matter-of-fact* Yes I do. It's mine.


In other news. The girls and I watched August Rush last night. It is glorious! I will be back later to ramble about it and the gorgeous Freddie Highmore...