Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Yes, well.

So, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that there's not going to be any acting happening for me in the near future. And I'm okay with that. At the moment I'm, quite rightly, more focussed on being a mum and homemaker. Our little boy will be making his appearance in (hopefully!) about a month from now, and to be perfectly honest the idea of caring for three children still kinda freaks me out. I have no intention of trying to do anything other than parenting for quite a while.

I might still blog a bit, but I might not. Meh.

Meanwhile, we've hired a few movies lately... because we're totally broke and really stressed about money, and both Noel and I are the kind of people who react to money stress by spending money (credit card!) on things to make us feel better, ie movies and accompanying junk food. Sensible, I know.

Black Sheep was quite possibly even worse than I expected it to be, which was pretty bad. I only watched it because I thought Noel would like it, and so that I could say I'd watched it. It was relly horrendous and the only thing I could think was "who the hell gave this thing such a big budget?". Just a completely useless film.

Stardust was lovely. I expected it to be a bit more exciting, whereas it was more rambly adventure than exciting adventure. Still, a great story and some excellent moments.

Notes on a Scandal was very well acted of course (duh - Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett!), but I can't quite decide whether I really like it or not. I guess the story just didn't really grab me, but the performances were wonderful.

The Blade Trilogy was just kinda rambly, vaguely amusing, gory blah-ness. The first one was better than the 2nd and 3rd (isn't that always the way?). Worth watching, if you're into vampires and guns.

And there you go, my loony pregnant self has forgotten all the other things we've watched lately.
Now I'm off to eat chocolate self-saucing pudding for dinner. :-)