Monday, 14 April 2008


Our bubby boy was born on Monday 24th March. It was all a bit melodramatic and I ended up having another caesarean after a non-reassuring heart trace... but Charlie was fine and is doing well. His big sisters love him with a smothering passion and his daddy is very proud to have a boy.
That photo was taken on 11th April, sleeping on Noel's tummy at the computer desk... daddy has some magic trick that gets him to sleep like that. Never works for mummy.
(Noel's tummy isn't really that big by the way, he's leaning back in his chair. Noel is of course a big gorgeous hunk.)
When Charlie was 6 days old I got a call from a casting agent wanting me for some work. !!!! I just knew that would happen! Horrible timing, damnit. But I asked her (probably in a desperate pleading voice!) to keep me in mind in the future. *sigh*
I would love everyone to comment if you can, or email me, because our computer temporarily died recently and I've lost all my links to blogs and my email contacts.