Monday, 14 April 2008


Our bubby boy was born on Monday 24th March. It was all a bit melodramatic and I ended up having another caesarean after a non-reassuring heart trace... but Charlie was fine and is doing well. His big sisters love him with a smothering passion and his daddy is very proud to have a boy.
That photo was taken on 11th April, sleeping on Noel's tummy at the computer desk... daddy has some magic trick that gets him to sleep like that. Never works for mummy.
(Noel's tummy isn't really that big by the way, he's leaning back in his chair. Noel is of course a big gorgeous hunk.)
When Charlie was 6 days old I got a call from a casting agent wanting me for some work. !!!! I just knew that would happen! Horrible timing, damnit. But I asked her (probably in a desperate pleading voice!) to keep me in mind in the future. *sigh*
I would love everyone to comment if you can, or email me, because our computer temporarily died recently and I've lost all my links to blogs and my email contacts.


Nic - said...

Oh Sumara is so absolutely gorgeous !!! Awwww, congrats again. And so funny you talk about noel being the only one to get him to sleep like that, it was the same with Beren and Mike. Awwww look at his widdle suit.

Foster Fam said...

He's beautiful Sum! Congrats on the little man... BTW, start baby proofing again now!
I've been checking your blog nearly everyday to see when the little one arrived. I'm so glad you posted! Our little one is due in about 11 weeks so let me know how parenting 3 goes!

Sumara said...

Thanks Nic! :)

Hey sar, thanks. :) You have to invite me to read your blog! (please?) Did I know you're having another bub? If I did I'd forgotten, so congrats anyway!

Stitch Sista said...

He really and truly is scrumptious. I am having serious boy vibes and have pretty much settled on the name Charlie ourselves...;), hope you don't mind LOL!

Foster Fam said...

I will totally invite you... just need your email address which I seem to have lost!

Sumara said...

Oh cool Rach - of course I don't mind!

Thanks Sar - my email is

Nalan said...

Oh that is so cute! What an adorable position to fall asleep in! Aren't dad's cool that way, getting them to sleep in special ways - Mat's like that with Indi.
What a sweetheart, can't wait for more pics.

HayleyB said...

I love this photo Sumara. So sweet. Especially since he's wearing a jumpsuit! (I don't know why but there is something about babies in jumpsuits, I just love it). Hope he is giving you a good night's sleep.

PS. I just started a blog, not real exciting, but thought I'd let you know all the same. :)