Thursday, 11 September 2008

Another delicious meal inspired by Chrissy...

I've linked you to the crazy culinary creator Chrissy before, I know. But seriously. Go to her blog and try some of that food. Oh my goodness, you will not be disappointed.
I had a night to myself last night (which means Noel was away; I still had three kids to feed but they are so much less fussy than him!) - and it was shopping day, so I took the opportunity to buy myself some nice ingredients and have a bit of a feast!
To begin, Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta. Noel wouldn't go near smoked salmon if you paid him... and as it turns out neither will the girls... but oh well, all the more for me me me! I just followed Chrissy's recipe there and added some boring button mushrooms (sorry love, the budget just doesn't stretch to fancy mushies when it's already stretching to smoked salmon!).
It really doesn't look all that pretty in the photo, does it? Trust me, it's good stuff.
For dessert, pudding! Self-Saucing Sticky Date Pud, to be precise.

Unfortunately mine didn't turn out as big and saucy as Chrissy's, perhaps because my dish was very shallow and wide. (I need to get me some better casserole/pudding/baking... ah, all sorts of dishes!) Nevertheless, this pudding was as delicious as big is big (to quote a children's book I've been reading lately). And the girls, who were "too full" to eat any smoked salmon with their pasta, wolfed it down in about 3 seconds flat.

Oh yes, it was good.


Sister Suffragette! said...

Looks great! Maybe the pudinh needed less time? Self-saucers can suck up their sauce if they cook too long :) .

Nic said...

Awwww yumm !! All my favourite foods. Beren adores smoked salmon, eats it lots thanks to a very generous nanna. Im trying that next payday !

Sumara said...

Oh yes, you're probably right there Chrissy. Well, I'll just *have* to try it again! ;-)

Nic I'm so impressed that Beren loves smoked salmon. I secretly want one of those kids that loves weird grown-up food! lol

HayleyB said...

haha about the girls being "too full" for dinner, but still able to eat pudding! Both those recipes look very delicious, I am off to see Chrissy's blog now.

PS. I made up a mince and rice pie the other night, it was tasty and I will probably post the recipe on my blog in a couple of days if you're interested.

Sumara said...

Ooh mince adn rice pie sounds good. I love hearty, beefy things like that.

Connor said...

I'm drooling.

Nic said...

LOL Well he may love smoked salmon, but thats about the only grown up food he likes. And Im still having trouble getting veges into him.