Thursday, 9 November 2006



R-the-sodding-director did not call me today.

I think it's fairly obvious that I didn't get the role. I just can't decide whether I feel angry about him being too much of a wuss to call and say so, or just plain miserable about missing out on a great role.

Both, I suppose.

I was going to write some opinions/reviews/rambles/whatever it is I do with films today - lately I've watched 8mm, Lord of War, V for Vendetta, Poseidon, and Scary Movie 4 - but I can't be bothered. So there.


merlin said...

V - was that for my comments on H.W.? In German class Nov 6th somebody was quoting "remember, remember the 5th of november ..."

8 MMM ... whoah ... heavy stuff, very gritty ... seemed like a good break in for Joaquim Phoenix ( I think they should cast him in a Harry Potter movie ... but not sure who ... actually, and this might seem very off the wall but I think somehow it could work, you'd have to die his hair to red of course, but given the development of the Bill Weasely character in HBP I think Phoenix would be a good choice, I think he could do a good job, especially if Rowling does interesting stuff with B.W. in book 7 after the wolf bite ... I think Phonix is a good actor and think his interp of that type of a character would be good)

Lord of War, I'm assuming was a kick off from 8mm along the lines of a Nocholas Cage kick? haven't seen LoW though ... and on a related note, not worth following the cage kick to is a movie called something like "Kiss of Death" (has David Carusso in it too) ... Cage as mobster ... bought it at the Walmart 6 dollar rack ... wasn't really even worth that but it passed an evening.

Still, favorite Nicholas Cage movie of all time has to be "Raising Arizona" by the Cohen Bros. Also liked the sort of over-all point of "Family Man" but not of the same quality of uniqueness of Arizona.

Haven't seen the others but should watch "cars" mainly because friend's 7 year old son loves it and gets so excited talking about it.

Another animated I liked, a little bit older (say, early adolescent or late pre-adolescent) was "Monster House"

Sumara said...

Hi Merlin. :-)

Noel picked out V for Vendetta without me even saying anything actually, so that was clever of him.

I really liked it, it was beautiful to look at and I thought all the performances were great.

Noel thought I would hate 8mm but I really liked it. In a very disturbing way of course. I agree with you about Joaquin, he's one of my favourite actors. Him as a Weasley is interesting. Yes, I think he could do that well. Mmm.

Lord Of War is also one Noel picked out and I didn't want to watch it at first. Cage plays an international arms dealer, selling arms to warring countries and generally evil dictators etc. He knows the guns he sells are killing millions of innocent people and decides not to care, in favour of making lots of money and keeping his influential friends. It was very well done but very very upsetting. The most disturbing thing for me was at the end where it says "based on actual events". I've a lot to say about that one actually so I'll try to do a post on it.

Raising Arizona is already on my to-see list. It looks pretty bizarre.

Oh and guess what - I should be getting "Dead Man's Chest" in the mail any day now. :-) So look out for copious over-excited posting about that.