Thursday, 9 November 2006


I have watched "Cars" about a hundred times in the last couple of weeks.

No, not exactly. I have watched it twice, and wandered in and out and overheard it from the next room who-knows-how-many other times. It's my girls' new favourite movie, you see.

I really like it. Well, I did really like until about the 67th viewing.

The soundtrack is fabulous. Great songs like "Life is a Highway" and a really fun 1950s-esque do-boppy song that I still haven't remembered to look up in the credits.

It made me cry. Yes, I cried about some animated talking cars and their poor neglected town. (another great song in that bit, which is why it made me cry - they know how to get to people don't they? Soppy music does the trick!)

Anyway, today I insisted on Mary Poppins, to try to rid my brain of said animated talking cars. You just can't beat Mary Poppins.


Nic and Beren said...

Totally ! We love Mary Poppins here too.....though the VERY un-ap parents really irritate me....LOL

Sumara said...

Yes, they're very detached parents aren't they! But the mother's a women's rights activist, that's gotta count for something! And there's a glimmer of hope at the end when they all go out together. :)

Connor said...

Don't feel bad. I always cry whenever I see the ebay ad where the little boy loses his boat, then 30 years later he buys it back from some tuna fisherman on ebay. Freakin' breaks my heart every time.

Sumara said...

Aaaww. :-) Thanks Connor.