Sunday, 13 May 2007

I love drugs.

Seriously. The only reason I have survived the last five days of work is my beautiful combination of ibuprofen and paracetamol. Neither of them work alone, but together, they are magic. My back has been agony from all the hours of standing up on a concrete floor.

The pay is terrible, the managers are awful and incompetent, the location is a big pain in the whatever, but at least the other casuals are lovely so I do have some nice people to talk to.

Oh and something funny - there was one guy who spent a whole day flirting like a dog on heat with me - he was whistling and following me around asking to help me, making suggestive jokes... He was seriously standing around watching me instead of working. Flattering, but I really didn't know what to do with myself, having not dealt with such attention for many years. (But like Noel said when I told him about it - "well, you've still got it babe.") Anyway, he has not returned since that day so I think the managers may have noticed that all his effort was in the wrong direction.


Um, what else... my copy of Masked Man arrived but I can't get it to work in our DVD player or PS2. Bugger.


Callbacks for that play have been postponed for a week, so I won't hear until sometime this week I assume. I'm not very hopeful, though, because the reason for the postponement was to audition some more people - which, to me, says that she wasn't happy with anyone she saw in the first round. Ah well.


Happy Mothers' Day all you mummas out there! I've had a very ordinary day but Noel did buy me a voucher for a massage, so that will be much wonderfulness when this crappy job is finished. And lots of socks, which I desperately needed. And chocolate - kiwi fruit chocolate! It's yum!


Noel got a big payrise (yippee!) and his holidays were confirmed for next week, so we're going to Queensland! Yay! SO much excitement!

But first, to get through 6 more days of this job.... please, someone, remind me never to work in retail again... I hate retail...


Nic and Beren said...

Owww your poor back ! 6 days will go quickly and you can rest your back on hols in Qld. I used to work in retail too *shudder* hard painful work hey.

And woohoo about the flirting.

Connor said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Sumara said...

Thanks mate. :-)