Monday, 7 May 2007

It doesn't rain...

So, I've been looking for any kind of paying work for, what, a year? With very little luck. (I've earned a grand total of $100 bucks so far since last July).

This week Noel and the girls and I were supposed to be going away for a holiday up the coast. At the last minute Noel's boss had to postpone his leave because the wife of one of the other drivers gave birth, and the dad obviously wants time off with new bub. Fair enough.

So, 1. I got an email from Myer after a ridiculously long online "selection process" saying that I am appropriately skilled etc etc blah blah to be put into their "talent pool" and they will now match me with a suitable vacancy.

2. A lady from a local cafe called and I have an interview this afternoon for a casual job.

3. I had an interview on Saturday for two weeks' full time work at some kind of massive jeanswear sale in Sydney. That was easy-peasy, got that job and I start tomorrow!

4. Yesterday I auditioned for a local-ish profit-share production. I think it went well. I will find out tomorrow if I get a callback.

5. Noel got an extra day of work on the weekend which paid a nice extra bit of cash.

So wow! It's all been happening this weekend. And I've been running around organising babysitting and timetables and logistics! How do mums who work fulltime do it? I haven't even started yet and I'm stressed.

I'm sure it'll be fine. I do work best under pressure, after all. My house is always cleanest and life more organised when I'm really busy.

Oh and I got my copy of Masked Man in the mail. I haven't been brave enough to watch it yet but the cover art and the printed disc look great. And my name is on the front cover sleeve - I had to giggle at how excited I was about that!

So, I'll be working full time until the 20th, then on the 21st I have the shoot for that short film I was approached about, and after that we're going away for a week or so. Cross your fingers for me that I get a callback for the play!


Nic and Beren said...

Oh excellent Sumara ! Enjoy yourself, Im kinda jealous that your out there working and talking to adults...LOL

Hayley said...

Wow, that's all great news Sumara! Yay! Hope it's fun. I think mum's who work full time must be super-women or just very practiced or something! Also, hope you get a call back for the play. Yay!

Sumara said...

Thanks lovelies. It is so NOT fun, but the money will come in handy, and yes, it is nice talking to adults all day for a change. :-) The girls are getting very upset about mummy being away every day which is very sad. :( We will definitely enjoy our holidays when this is over.

hayley b said...

Poor you for it not being fun, and poor girls for missing their mummy. Seems like your holiday will be all the more enjoyable after this! Yay! I forgot to mention that I'd be interested in seeing "Masked Man" if you'd be game to share some time when I'm over next. (Completely understand if you don't want to show it though, I imagine I would be pretty self conscious about showing a film featuring myself to someone I know).