Sunday, 17 June 2007

I am disinclined to formulate an encapsulating title

As of right now, I am still processing and replaying At World's End. It's really stuck with me after the 2nd viewing, and I am desperate to see it again (who wants to shout me a hot date at the movies???). I'm giving up on writing any kind of detailed and analytical review, though, because of the way it's still floating around inside my head. When I get the DVD I will sit and take notes and write a REALLY good one!

Some friends were around last night. We played Charades (fun fun!) and then watched Once Upon a Time In Mexico - chosen, I must add, by one of the blokes, NOT by one of the three Johnny Depp fangirls in the room! I'd never really realised how funny that film is. Agent Sands is really quite hilarious!


I had an audition last week at Luna Park in Sydney, for street theatre and kids' entertainment work. Has to have been the most fun job interview I've had! There was a group of 9 auditionees; we played theatresports games, did some improvs, learned a dance (I haven't danced properly since I was about 12! But I managed fairly well, I thought) and each had to perform a one-minute piece. I did an excerpt from Winnie-the-Pooh, with a cute Liverpool little-boy accent for Pooh. They laughed at the right places, so I guess it was alright. I felt good about the whole thing, anyway. I should hear from them sometime this week.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the rehabilitation centres job. Originally it sounded to me that they were offering me the job, but now it seems they're considering me, and the manager of the person calling/emailing me keeps wanting to know more information about me. So that's still up in the air.


Noel and I are challenging each other in a "biggest loser" challenge. Which basically means we're nagging each other about eating less and being more healthy. I have had to do far more nagging than Noel has, so far. He even ate McDonalds this week. McDonalds! And then he lost more than I did! How rude is that.
Anyway, I lost more than him the first week so I'm winning overall! I've lost 2.8kg in two weeks, and am under 80kg for the first time in almost 5 years! Barely - I'm 79.9 as of this morning, but still, that's less than 80! That is a very nice feeling. My goal is 70kg, which is how much I weighed before I fell pregnant with T. When I got married I was 67kg, but I don't think I can or need to be that skinny again.
I'm 5'10", by the way, for those of you thinking that only gigantic beasts could weigh 70-something kilos!
Anyway, the point of this far-too-informative ramble is - yay! I'm getting thin again! Perhaps in a week or two I will post some before and after photos to encourage myself.


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Yay for losing weight. We are on a weightloss thing too.

The luna park interview sounds fun!

Hayley said...

Hooray for Charades! I am only good at the guessing part, not the part where you have to make up something and act it out. So much fun!

Hope you get the Luna Park job, sounds like it was really fun! Make sure you call us if you get lost next time, it will save you heaps of time!

You're doing well with your "eating healthy" thing! Congratulations on the weight you've lost so far. I can't believe Noel lost more weight that week even though he had eaten Macca's! Not fair! Good luck with reaching your goal weight! You're doing very well so far!

Sumara said...

Thanks girls. :-)

The thing with Noel is that he's busy all day, with no access to food, so he can go all day without eating. So occasional junk doesn't make much of a difference to him. Whereas I'm right here with cupboards full of food! Too much temptation and I have to be careful ALL the time.

merlin said...

Once upon a time in Mexico ... mmmmm, Porka Billa.

Fun stuff though, I was in a group boarding house situation with a guy from Mexico about 6 months to a year after watching Once Upon a time, his name was Isaias Jaurez, and he could cook, so I asked if he had ever made PB, and he kind of frowned, and when I told him about it in the movie he asked where in Mexico the movie was set and when I said Mexico City he shook his head sort of disapprovingly in a very funny way and informed me that the cuisine is very different in northern Mexico where he was from - no slow roasts that take 4 hours, all stuff you can cook more on the go ... and he could definitely cook it - I so miss coming down on a saturday morning and him being there in full animated conversation while rolling out tortillas from dough he made from scratch and doing them in on skillet and tossing them on a stcak on the table, while mashing up and refrying, in another skillet, beans he had cooked in the crockpot the day before, and in a third skillet doing eggs over easy ... best damn home-cooked breakfast in the world when you come downstairs bleary eyed on a Saturday morning, and holding conversation the whole time ... great guy, used to call us crackers, a few of the other guys were religious types of a little more straight laced type (one of them no in a Franciscan order in the Bronx and Newark called the CFRs, Capuchian Friars of the Renewal) and they thought it inappropriate but the rest of us loved it, for some reason he got really into the song California dreaming at one point and I downloaded a couple MP3s for him, including a techno mix, and he was singing that damn song for weeks straight, lol, and pretty tough for somebody from a warm climate like that, he used to stand out in 3 degree whether and BS with me for hours, and then the Sunday of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe he wanted to sing a tradtional Mexican song of the feast for the parish that owned the place we lived so I helped him with his English translation, it took a few hours at least.

But on Pirates ... I just wanted to mention that I like real pirates ... especially chinese real pirates ... like the real pirates on Canal street in chinatown, where I ahd walked down to on saturday and bought a 5 dollar copy of AWE out of some lady's should bag (along with Ocean's 13 and shrek 3 - Ocean's quality was not too good, meaning quality of recording, but also was weakest of the 3 movies I thought, but recording quality on Shrek 3 was pretty good and I really liked it). Recording quality on Pirates 3 is also pretty good ... good enough to say that I believe you are right about the gallows pirates singing "never" rather than "ever" - but I have a theory that there is an intentional implicit irony there - meaning not just that it wound up being ironic but that they consciously did it that way but just on the level of implication. Because I reviewed it a couple times in a row and I am pretty sure that the way the gallow pirates sing it is not entirely the same as the way sao feng's leiutenant sings the last line. Both say "never" but I am as sure as I can be at this point that the lieutenant in singapore sings "never SAY we die" and the gallow pirates sing "never SHALL we die." the lieutenant's is, from what I can tell in my travels and searches online, the original lyrics or whatever, and the gallows pirates' (if I am right about the difference) is the adaptation, which adaptation I think is meant to draw attention to the inconsistency so you catch the irony (Ie not just, "poor pirates - and humble too because they nobly accept death" ... while the lowly ones who are most heavily paying the price of haning and not the pirate lords, which does make the pirates singing somewhat lowly and humble but there is still the injustice/wrongness of what pirates, or at least the pirate lords, did originally.

But anway, just my random thoughts. I hope you and family are doing well and that pursuing acting is going well too and you're not meeting with too many discouragements.

right now I must sign off and step out the door for a cigarette. I have been trying to cut back but right now I am much in need of a visit from my Irish friend, the Finnean fiend, Mr Nick O'Tiene ... I be currently working graveyard shift of the university security dispatch desk and it be DEAD quiet around here during summer (and I'll be glad not to be working this desk when semester rolls round and the wild crowds are back)and I am practically falling asleep as I type (the doldrums, as they say) ... I put the phone up on the desk so I can hear it and take the radio out with me (meaning the security communication radio, not music radio) and prop the door open, and it at least gets me up on my fit for a bit and a little bit of nicotiene in my blood and to my brain ... I have to work out this sleeping schedule thing though lol
Take Care,
(oh, I've adapted my online name/s a little now to includ "Bootstrap Brett" - who sails on the "flying Brettman" - although the brig on the brettman is a bit more like the knight's bus in Harry potter, with nice bunks for the multiple merlin's to catch up on sleep, since they mostly get sent to the brig for matters resulting from sleep deprivation lol

Sumara said...


You sure sound tired, Bootstrap Brett!

You know you shouldn't tell me about evil pirated copies of movies, Merlin, it's evil evil evil... tsk tsk!
You make a great point baout the lowly pirate-y people paying the price rather than the pirate lords themselves. I hadn't really thought of that before. And I guess Beckett knows it too - he seems to be quite conscioulsy using them as a way to pull the pirate lords out of the woodwork (when he says "finally [they're singing]", that seems to be linked to the tune of Barbossa's piece of eight... somehow the singing of the people being hanged calls the pirate lords via that piece of eight).

Your Mexican housemate sounds like great fun - and very handy for gourmet breakfasts!