Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Not that anyone reads this blog anymore, but just in case... yes, I'm still alive. Not even busy or anything, just have nothing to blog about.


I'm 33 weeks pregnant now, with this very wriggly baby boy. Everything's going perfectly and I feel really healthy and positive.

My big girl starts primary school next week. I'm so not ready to hand her over to teachers for 6 hours a day. However, she's completely set on going and won't have a bar of homeschooling, so off she goes. Maybe I'll surprise myself and end up loving the whole schooling thing.

Smaller girl (as welll as turning 3 tomorrow!) starts preschool, one day a week, the week after. She seems so much more grown up than T did at this age. It's crazy.


Work (the casual promotions job) has totally let me down. They didn't contact me for weeks and when I emailed saying I was keen for lots of work during January the roster girl just said there was nothing available, everything had been allocated. Not a single shift offered to me for a whole month - after I was assured of two shifts per week. And just when I was really counting on it to be able to cover a few big bills coming up. Selfish sods, that's what they are. It's not like I can just go and get a new job, at 7 months pregnant.


I went to an audition for a (non-paying) "feature film" in the city last week. They director emailed me especially, even knowing I'm pregnant, so I was feeling really positive about it. Turns out the "feature film" is more like a series of short films, with really very amatuer scripts, and they were considering me for a role as a headmistress. Now honestly, when you think "headmistress", do you think mid-twenties and heavily pregnant? I sure don't. So much for that. I haven't heard back from them anyway - I'm quite relieved that I don't have to decide whether or not to turn down a dodgy role.


Thursday! Sweeney Todd !!! Need I say more?


Tam said...

I share your sentiments on the "blah" although mine has to do with the stress of an upcoming honours thesis year on which I have done nothing so far...

Happy Birthday for B!

And I also share your sentiments on the school thing. Livi started preschool last week. It was odd for me, but so much more for Tal - she was in tears.

Suxs about work.

And I still read this blog (I subscribe to the RSS).

Definitely post an update on the Depp movie - a point of view other than a Depp fangirl would be appreciated, though I suppose I could handle that tone as long as the movie is reviewed and not just his looks :D

I think that just about covers everything right? Except for being pregnant, which I'm sure someone is excited about, and who I must try and make time to catch up with soon.

Sumara said...

Hi Tam, and thanks. :-)

Oh I will definitely be posting about Sweeney Todd when I see it (probably won't see it this week actually, I can't stand the huge teenybopper crowds of the first few days), and I definitely won't be raving about Johnny's looks... okay I might have a few brief notes about how well those pants suit him... but no, really, I'm so looking forward to getting into a good meaty (ha ha!) new Johnny role...

I'm sure I'll be bawling once T's at school. Poor B will probably have a very crazy emotional mumma that day.

hayley b said...

I still read your blog Sumara (though I only check it now and then) and was pleasantly surprised to have two posts to read today! (this and the above about Heath).

Glad to hear that your pregnancy is going very well. It must be nice not to be having any morning-sickness (which some people get the whole way through, so I'm told).

I can't believe that T is starting school! It seems like a long while ago that she was born, but at the same time it feels not that long ago at all. She will probably love learning everything and telling you how she can spell words etc. Would you really have considered home schooling? I know some people who have home schooled their children but I don't know how they managed.

Oh yes, and happy birthday to B! I can't believe she's 3!

I had been meaning to ask you how your promotions job was going. That really sucks that they promised you at least two shifts a week and then haven't given you any for a month!

Hmm, I agree with you about the headmistress image. For me, a headmistress would be a much older woman..... Good that you don't have to decide whether or not to do it if it doesn't seem like something you would want to do.

Oh and by the way, have you seen V for Vendetta? I saw it for the first time tonight and thought it was the type of movie you would like and the type that you might review.

Must drop by again soon for some Scrabble and a worthwhile dvd!