Tuesday, 29 January 2008

"We all deserve to die....."

... is the line of song I've had stuck in my head since I woke up Sunday morning. Charming, really. :-)

My darling dearest gorgeous husband took me to see Juno and Sweeney Todd in between a wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday (it was a Japanese/Chinese/Danish wedding; they had lots of traditions to complete in that time!).

Juno was cool; much better than I was expecting. Even though I'd read rave reviews, the previews hadn't really appealed to me. But I really liked it. Great performances and a really good script. (Very bad fake pregnant belly though. Oh, when will they learn?)

Sweeney, honestly, deserves *most* of the praise that's being thrown about over it. Johnny DEFINITELY deserves the Golden Globe and the Oscar nom, he's just divine. Just the perfect mixture of reality and craziness and, well, just a stunning performance. Some really scary moments from him, and some truly hilarious ones. And as usual he was entirely, bodily and emotionally, dedicated to every single moment.
I wasn't so keen on Helena's Mrs Lovett at first, but she did kinda grow on me towards the end. Her voice didn't seem quite right to me, but what do I know about singing voices.
All of the supporting cast were fabulous too. Lots of really gorgeous (and scary, and sad, and funny) moments.
And the film just plain *looked* great. Cinematography, costumes, makeup, lighting, all so rich and deep and good to look at.
Oh yes, and lots of blood. Lots and lots. More than I expected, and extracted more violently than I expected. Quite freaky, in fact.

Anyway. Yes, loved it. Will have to see it again and see if I like it as much without all the suspense and anticipation.

Meanwhile, abovementioned fabuloso husband is about to arrive home with a stash of chocolate. Must be off...

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Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Good to hear your husband is spoiling you. Juno does look interesting.