Monday, 19 May 2008

Oh golly gosh!

... and other choice expletives!

I just hung up from another call from a casting agent (one of Sydney's biggest) wanting me to come in tomorrow for a casting for a cereal commercial. They were even fine with me bringing the new bub with me!

But of course it's a healthy cereal isn't it, with a but of a reputation so they have strict rules about the BMI of the actors in their commercials, so she had to check my height and weight. Damnit! I knew there was a reason I should've been trying harder to lose all that pregnancy weight! Let's just say I obviously wouldn't look too hot in a red minidress right now!

Well, hah de ha ha... it never rains but it pours...

The good thing is, at least I know that my new headshot on Showcast is doing the trick. :-)


Nic said...

Oh thats cool !

katef said...

oh bugger about the commercial but at least you are in demand... and I don't like that red dress cereal anyway! LOL

Sumara said...

lol Kate, just quietly, neither do I!

HayleyB said...

Yes, very good to know your headshot is doing it's job! Annoying that you couldn't do the commercial though.

Is this the cereal with the big K in it's name? If so, there's a yucky Aldi version and I have to say that the original is the better one!