Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Last night I watched the film Enchanted with my girls. The girls loved it, and you know what? So did I! Oh my goodness, it is just the sweetest thing. Really truly, there should be more movies where pretty girls and handsome boys just start singing to each other in the middle of New York City. And chipmunks and bumbling princes and ugly manservants come leaping out of drains to pursue the princess.

Really! It had me grinning like a Disney-crazed fool. And when I go to New York one day, I am so going to sing and dance in Central Park.


Anonymous said...

Oh I've always thought that movie sounded good.. DH wouldn't let me use his movie pass to see it in the theatre and my girls are too hung up on Barbie movies to let me borrow it from the DVD shop when they are sick... might have to make a special trip!

lusi said...

i so want sing and dance in central park too one day...and picnic under the eiffel tower...and visit the louvre...and visit monet's garden...and wales...and fiji again...and honduras too...just a small travel list :)
hope your day is wonderful!
love lus x

HayleyB said...

I haven't seen Enchanted, but my mum saw it and says I would love it. I don't always love the movies she thinks I would, but if you think it's good then it must be worth seeing. I will get around to seeing it one day.

Oh hey, just while I think of it: if you're interested in second hand toys, my mum is having a garage sale soon and she's getting rid of all the toys she had from doing day care. Let me know if you're interested and I will let you know the date and the address (in an email).

Sumara said...

Lus, my travel list is a bit like that, too. We just keep adding more to it! One day, hey.

It's basically just ridiculously silly, Hayley, so I think you'd have to be in the mood for it.

We really don't need any toys, but does she have many kids' books? Let me know the date anyway and I might go have a look. Thanks. :-)

Sumara said...

Forgot to say, I'm kinda asssuming that anonymous is Kate? Is it? Hi!

Any small girl who loves princesses, and loves real girls-being-princesses, will LOVE Enchanted, I'm sure of it.