Monday, 27 April 2009

Promised Pics of Panic......

... At The Disco. Not panic in general. No pics of fleeing villagers or burning buildings, I promise.

Here are Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross. They were best friends since forever (aged 4 or 5).

spence and ryan lollipop

They started the band when they were around, I dunno, 15? Spence is the drummer:

spencer white shirt

Ryan the guitarist and lyricist (and orginally lead singer):

Ryan guitar. belt.

and their friend Brent was the bass player. Then Brent brought his friend Brendon Urie....

Brendon rock star

to play guitar as well. They discovered that Brendon has an awesome voice, so he became lead singer.


They were signed by Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) to his record label. After they recorded their first album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (this was in 2005/06 I think) Brent lost interest in the band and was replaced with Jon Walker on bass...

Jon noodling no shoes

... who toured with them and even allowed himself to be dressed up in the crazy garb in which they liked to perform and be photgraphed:

Panic young dressed up

For their first few tours they did fabulous things like take a circus dance troupe with them.

Brendon NRWC dancing

Ryan, especially, who is half playful child and half eccentric old man, wore amazing make up and vintage clothes. He and Brendon seem to love all things theatrical (one of the big reasons I love them).


In 2008 the 2nd album, Pretty. Odd., was released. It was less punky and outrageous, more lyrical and hippy-esque. Still the same thoughtful-but-self-indulgent lyrics, original beats and eclectic tunes, but more, well......


Let's just say you can really see their love for the Beatles.

I'm kinda kicking myself that I only discovered them recently, too late for their latest tour to Australia (despite the best intentions of a darling friend of mine who, obviously, did get through to me eventually). However I will definitely be snaffling up some tickets next time they're here. And I will have to keep it a big secret from my 4-yr-old Beryl, who is completely and utterly in love with these guys.

Can't blame her, really.

Word on the grapevine (uh... the twitter-vine?) is that new songs are on their way, so hopefully that means a new album sometime soon...

Okay, enough fangirling from me. I was going to try to link to some more Panic music, but really this was just a good excuse to post pictures of pretty boys, so.... go search YouTube, if you like.


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i could not love you more.


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