Thursday, 30 April 2009

You know what's ridiculous?

What's ridiculous is that I haven't seen the following films. Adding them to my to-watch list...

~ Casablanca
~ Gone With the Wind
~ When Harry Met Sally
~ The Ninth Gate
~ Before Night Falls
~ Cry-Baby


Sarz said...

Ok... some of those I just cannot believe... I have even seen some of those!

HayleyB said...

I haven't seen any of these either. We can find the fact that neither of us have seen these movies ridiculous together!

Sumara said...

I know. Shame on me. I shall rectify the situation ASAP.

Hayley, maybe you can come watch some of them with me.

Nic said...

I haven't seen casablanca either, must rent that one. At least see gone with the wind first, i love that one.

lusi said...

um ditto.
seen none of these either.
lol - great acting majors we are!
love you,
lus x

HayleyB said...

That sounds like fun Sumara. Let me know when you're going to watch one and I will see if I can make it.

Connor said...

Wow! So many posts all at once! They're all good. Anyway, the only one of those I've seen was Casablanca, though it was delightful.

Connor said...


I lost your email address, but my blog has been flagged by Google because it was invaded by a malware bug. If you want, drop me an email at and I'll keep you up to speed. Thanks!

~ Connor