Thursday, 23 August 2007

Johnny Addiction

So, Nic gently reminded me that I'm being a slacko blogger... sorry... will try to be interesting...

Pregnancy goes well, morning sickness continues to thrive. Work is fine, and if their *insert expletive* accounts department actually start paying me I'll be very happy!

The two guys I've been working with are actors and singers, so they're great fun. They do a bit of TV work and a few commercials (they're brothers so they always work together). AND, their favourite actor is Johnny Depp, so guess what we spend all our breaks talking about? Yep, Johnny's movies, Johnny's acting, Johnny's tattoos.

My first shift I only met one of the brothers, and a few of us were talking about celebrities owning islands, and he said "Johnny has an island". Of course I knew exactly who he meant but he obviously thought he needed to correct himself and said "Johnny Depp". I knew right then I'd found a fellow Johnny lover. tee hee.... anyway it's so much fun chatting with those guys... we do talk about other films and actors too, I promise. :-)

We had a bit of a debate this week about paparazzi photos... I have a personal policy of never looking at pap photos, because I despise the paparazzi and most famous actors do too, and I really feel strongly that it's wrong of me to join in the invasion of privacy... J and H agree with me that they're wrong but "if they're there, I"m going to look" - to which I just rolled my eyes and told them they're evil, evil, EVIL! :-) They were also concerned that I was missing out on all the best photos - like drunk Johnny being arrested (over a decade ago!) or, recently, Johnny half naked on his yacht. *sigh* That's the point, people, the world is not supposed to share those moments!

What do you think about paparazzi?


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

hmmmm I get what your saying, it is an complete invasion of privacy. They are just actors and entitled to live their life without a million cameras following......

but, got to admit I love having a peep at juicy photos. :-) I think its human nature.

hayley said...

Hi Sumara, glad to hear things are going pretty well. Hope you get paid soon!

I'm with you Sumara, I feel that paparazzi is wrong and bad and evil. People have a right to privacy! I also feel that any paparazzi photos I have seen haven't really been worth seeing anyway - not good photos if you ask me. So I don't go looking at/for them.

Connor said...

Well, it's not a "hot button issue" for me, but I would basically agree with you. It's important to have a free press; it's unfortunate that a significant part of it chooses to waste that right on tasteless bs.

Sumara said...

Thanks everyone.

Good point, Connor. I hadn't thought about it from that angle - that news space/time being used for this invasive, useless rubbish, COULD be being used informing the public of some of the issues and events that really matter to them.

Hayley - they never are worth seeing are they, unless you're a pervert or a fashion victim... which, I admit, we all have moments of at times. :-) Hence the human nature Nic mentioned.