Thursday, 2 August 2007

Morning sickness

Whoever invented that term must have been a big fat liar and, obviously, male. I feeeel aaawwful... moan, groan, whimper...

Turns out I was wrong when I joked about the film being Knocked Up, and not me. Perhaps that's why I didn't like the movie as much as everyone else does.

Baby Brown #3 is on its way. :-) Well, it's not really on its way anywhere, it's just floating around all blob-like, with teeny tiny arm and leg buds and a microscopic heart thumping away at 161 beats per minute.Growing, growing... set to arrive in early March 08. Excitement!

So, let's hope there are a few productions requiring a woman with a big baby belly going on in Sydney towards the end of the year... that would be fun. :-)


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Congrats again love :-)

Oh Morning sickness, fun fun. Did you get it with the girls ? If you need any ms tips, then email me, Im the queen of morning sickness, LOL

Sumara said...

Thanks :-)

Oh yes, I got it with the girls! Had it with both up until about 18 weeks. With them I was just nauseous all day, but this time I actually feel like throwing up several times a day. The only thing that stops that is to eat pretty much constantly. Not good.

Any tips are more than welcome!

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Eating non stop is not so bad. You can find something healthy to nibble on, it helped me.

Ginger tea is great. So is lemonade, and salt and vinegar chips, haha not healthy.

I still have my sea bands, I might dig them out and send to you. Also, preggie pops were good too.

Hope the morning sickness doesn't stay too long this time.

Hayley said...

Congrats again Sumara! So exciting that Baby Brown #3 is coming!! Yay! I wonder how the girls will be with a new baby? They will probably love it to bits and want to give it kisses all day long. Hope you feel less morning sickness-y soon! Hope we don't have a stupidly hot summer this year cos that would be even more annoying while you're pregnant(although, even if we do have a hot summer, at least you have good air conditioning!)

Connor said...

Congratulations again Sumara! Maybe there should be another cruise to celebrate? And I had to giggle that this really major announcement came right after your last entry title "No news..." :)

In all seriousness, congratulations. I'm very excited for you and your family!

Sumara said...

Yes... from No News to Big Surprising News; I thought that was nice. :-)

Thanks Connor and Hayley for the congrats.

At least this summer I won't be as pregnant as I was in summer last time... actually, knowing my luck, I'll probably be huger than ever... *sigh*