Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Too fat for the 40's.

You know how, back in March, I went to a casting for extras for that feature film? They just measured me and took a photo etc. Well, yesterday I heard that there were more castings happening this week. So I emailed the casting guy saying I'd love to be considered again, if possible. I told him I'm pregnant, but not showing yet.

He emailed back, very friendly and diplomatic (and congratulating me on the pregnancy), saying the biggest consideration they've had to make for this film is sizing, because all the costumes they have (it's set in the 1940s) are very small. He doubted that there would be any to fit me, especially in my "happily growing condition".

Ha! I'm too fat for their costumes! At a whole size 12! Well, I guess spunky young nurses in the 1940s were pretty thin.

Anyway, I was just happy that he didn't mind me emailing him again. :-)


Oh, and this promotions job... jeez louise... I've been getting one or two shifts a week, which is fine. They haven't been paying me, which is NOT fine. I should have received a cheque two weeks ago for the first fortnight, and I should be receiving another this week for the 2nd fortnight.

Yesterday we turned up to work and found the water main had been turned off and locked with a big water company padlock. Not good. One manager said the water company was flushing out the pipes, the other manager said it's something to do with APEC. Yeah right, what ridiculous lies.

So anyway, I finally get an SMS today saying a cheque was sent today, "sorry for the delay". It had better bloody well be a cheque covering both fortnights, because they owe me over a grand!

Why do I always get the terrible managers???


AND, I was supposed to be getting my headshots done this week. I asked the girl (by email) if I could have an appointment Tuesday afternoon, but she never got back to me. Not entirely her fault, I could have phoned her to properly make an appointment, but gah, I just want to get it done! Hopefully, will get an appointment leter this week or next week.


"The universe is dynamic. When we are creative, we are the most alive and in touch with it."
~ Brad Dourif


hayley said...

Wow. I can't believe they wouldn't have any size 12 costumes! I wonder what sizes they do have??? 6? 4?... geez. At least he was friendly and diplomatic, but it would still be annoying.

I hope you get paid for the promotions job soon! At least you know the cheque is on the way. How long is the job for?

Good luck with getting an appointment to get your headshots done this week! Let's hope it happens asap!

Was great to see you on the weekend. Hope we can catch up again soon.

Sumara said...

Ah well, I'll get over it. I guess I am a fair bit bigger than your avergae 1940s wartime woman.
The promotions job is an ongoing thing, so assuming they do start paying me I'll be doing it until maybe February if I can still manage it.