Monday, 26 May 2008

Multiple viewings...

I was just pondering yesterday how interesting it is to watch a film over and over again... not in one day but over time.

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the bigzillionth time with my 3-yr-old B, and noticing that I watch it differently now that I'm so familiar with it. And I don't just mean the fact that I know all the Oompa-Loompa songs off by heart and joyfully sing along with them!

Yesterday in particular, I was watching Johnny's Willy Wonka very closely and really trying to take in every nuance of the character. I noticed moments where the character seemed, curiously, different. I kept thinking to myself how Johnny must have gone into so much detail with his character building (especially with all that backstory they've added to this version!). Usually when I watch Johnny films I can't help but notice mannerisms and brief moments of charcterisation that "belong" to other Johnny characters, but this time I was focussing so intently on Willy Wonka and trying to build a picture of him in my head, that that didn't happen. I was not aware of any "Johnny" or "other Johnny character" moments at all.

(by the way, I should be clear that I don't think this commonality of characterisation or the cross-evidence of mannerisms between characters and from the actor's own personality is a bad thing at all. An actor's only tool is their own self, after all. And people always have things in common with other people, don't they?)

Anyway, that was my focus on this viewing. Other times I have really focussed on the Oompa-Loompas or one or two or a group of the children. (Very rarely do I pay much attention to Charlie - strangely enough he seems quite incidental to the story to me. Except that he has a very cool name!)

Some films are fascinating to watch repeatedly - Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, for example, defintely chhange and grow with each viewing - while some I find are good in themselves with just one viewing. I haven't been able to bring myself to re-watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas yet because the first viewing, probably about a year ago, is still in there being digested slowly.

What films do you love, or hate, to watch repeatedly?


HayleyB said...

I can't think of a particular movie that I would love or hate to watch over and over. Mostly, I watch a movie once and it has to be a reasonably long while before I will watch it again (unless the story was exceptionally intriguing, or if I think I need a second viewing to absorb more of the story). I do remember watching movies over and over when I was a kid though (The Princess Bride, Annie... I can't remember the others at the moment)... I am not one for favourites (I don't have a favourite movie, or favourite food or other such favourites), I like to enjoy a wide variety of things, and there are many things I like, but none of them is more favoured than the other.

Nic said...

28 days, and 28 weeks later are two movies I do not think I will be watching over and over *shudder*

I could watch audrey hepburn movies, all of them, over and over and over and over and not get sick of them. Shes just lovely :-)

Foster Fam said...

I hate to admit it but the Ocean's trilogy are some I can watch over and over again. Not 12 so much but 11 and 13 are fantastic. Every time I watch them I see something new.

Sumara said...

Hayley I'm a lot like you with regard to favourites. I always have so many of *whatever* that I really love, so I can't choose a favourite.

Nic those are films I've been meaning to see. I do love scary movies but you're right, not the kind of thing to see again and again.

Sar (thanks for commenting because I'd lost the link to you!), I haven't seen Ocean's 12 or 13. I have heard that 12 was pretty crap... but I'll put em on my list anyway.

Sarz said...

Hey I need to say that I rewatch chick flicks whenever I am depressed. The whole 'I can't wait for them to get together' - its like a drug! I will include in my short list: 'Centre Stage', 'While you were Sleeping', 'You've Got Mail' and 'The Note Book'. I hear you groan. But its great! I rewatch these whenever I need a pick me up.
Generally I am a happy rewatcher of any film. I don't watch horror or war films. I can't watch or rewatch these. I like to think its because I am an all together happy person but the truth is I am a woose and they give me nightmares & nausea.
Rewatching is like reading a good book. I reread everything! My husbands cannot grasp the rewatch concept so there is conflict there.