Thursday, 29 May 2008

Reality TV

is taking over the world.

And it's driving me mental. Can somebody please make the evil empire of reality TV just. go. away. Please?

I shouldn't be watching television anyway, I know. However, if there were a few less hours of Crap-ality TV going on maybe I *could* watch it without frying my brain so much. Plus, if there were more good dramas or even good soaps being made, there's be more work for up-and-coming twenty-something Sydney actors... :-)

Speaking of TV, I was thinking today that soap operas (I don't follow Neighbours or any of those amazingly scary American ones, but will admit to regular viewing of Home and Away) are almost little self-contained lessons in scriptwriting and acting. You get half a dozen examples of how NOT to do it, interspersed with a few lovely talented people who provide a good contrast and carry the show... Quite fascinating sometimes, don'tcha think?

And you know what - my eldest daughter can spell, write and read the word "television". This week for her homework she wrote a story: "My dog watches television." (Yes, in Term 2 of Kindy, one sentence constitutes a story!)


HayleyB said...

I totally understand your need to get away from Reality TV. It is something that contributed to making me stop watching TV a long time ago (that, and annoying ads!). Now watching TV is a novelty to me, so I don't mind seeing it when I'm at someone's house. I was at my sister's house in QLD earlier in the year and was quite happy to watch Home and Away with her. Yep, plenty of examples of how NOT to act there, but some quite talented ones in the mix too.

Very impressed with T's spelling ability! I remember when I was in kindy and thought it was so cool that I could now spell "mummy" and "daddy". Nowhere near as complicated words as "television"! What a smart child you have raised!

Sumara said...

I know! But I think it has very little to do with me - T has responded so well to her teachers and being in a class. School suits her so well - so long as she has a teacher who understands her "strong desire to communicate"!
I'm sure she'll be happy to show off her reading and writing next time we see you.

I'm probably watching a lot more TV than usual lately because it's just easy and lazy when I'm tired and the baby wants constant holding. But last night bubba actually let me put him down to sleep and I got off my butt to do stuff (the bread turned out really good by the way!) and that felt so much better than zoning out my brain in front of the telly for hours.