Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Strong Bloody Violence

My Sweeney Todd DVD just arrived in the mail. Mmmmmm.

Meat pies for dinner, methinks!

It was Johnny Depp's birthday yesterday, by the way. Happy 45th, Johnny!


Speaking of violence, and Johnny... we watched American Gangster the other day. It reminded us of Blow , except with murder as well as drugs.
It was a good movie, although we watched the extended edition so it kinda went on forever - almost 3 hours of gangster talk and family/political maneuvering, so I got pretty lost (I always get confused with the different connections/families/loyalties in gangster-type films). Russell Crowe was great, as he usually is, and it was nice to see him acting again rather than rabbiting on about football, which is all he's in the news for these days 'round here.

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HayleyB said...

Meat pies for dinner indeed! Yuck! lol. Thanks for your wonderful company on Saturday night! It was nice to relax and watch Sweeney Todd with you :).