Wednesday, 6 August 2008


The cake was good, but not spectacular. Moist and moreish, but to be honest I was expecting more from those lovely passionfruit. Ah well, it fed and pleased everyone, and that's what counts. :-)


HayleyB said...

Pity it wasn't all you thought it would be (maybe you should have used flour plus baking powder and salt! haha! ...Seriously wouldn't have affected the taste I'm sure). I thought it was tasty but not the kind of thing I'm dying to eat. I think it's better warm though, with custard also!

This is a great photo by the way :) I really like the side lighting.

Sumara said...

lol, yeah the actual cake was still good, I was just hoping the passionfruit would be more yummy.

Thank you! I've always been a fan of the old side light!