Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Most Australia Ven!

At our house at the moment, thanks to the Olympics, it's all about the national anthem (aka Australia Flag Song!). Here's B's version (with a little help from Miss T):

Australians all in arly choice,
For we are young and free,
With golden soil we sing to choice,
Our land is good by sea...
Our land is all in arly choice
For we are young and free...
In histy page in arly stage,
A most Australia Ven!
In joy for 'stralia let us sing,
A most Australia Ven!


katef - said...

ha ha ha ha I LOVE it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! :-)

Connor said...

Hey Sumara! How's it going? I've been blogging again, though it's defintiely been a while. How are things for you? How are the kids and acting and whatnot.

By the way, congratulations on Australia's job at the Olympics: a very commanding showing!

Sumara said...

Connor, hi! Good to hear from you. :)

I'm well... acting's not happening atm cos of the new bubba boy, have had a few audition offers so that was pretty bad timing but still planning to get back into it when thelittle Mister is bigger.

Um, thanks? Yes, we Aussies are rather sports-mad. I'm sure we could feed a few third-world countries with the money we spend on sports programmes. You'd think that's make us a healthy, fit nation, but no, we're almost as fat as the US these days! lol, no offence to you and your countrymen of course!

Connor said...

That's ok. People in these parts favor the deep fried and the sugary. Although I did have the opportunity to eat a kangaroo burger this year. What do people typically eat in australia, btw?

Sumara said...

Well, we love our lamb. Roast lamb or grilled lamb chops are usually pretty common but atm with the drought, lamb is very expensive so these days lamb is a rare treat (well, for those of us on a budget anyway!).

We don't eat a lot of kangaroo. We probably should because cattle farming is pretty damaging to our environment but it just isn't catching on.

Most Aussies eat lots of chicken and red meat. Typical daily fare is "meat and three veg", Casseroles like shepherd's pie, spaghetti bolognese, stir-frys or risottos. Thai food is pretty big right now.

Oh and a lot of seafood. Fish, prawns, crab etc. At Christmas we typicaly have a lot of prawns and salads, and cold roasted or smoked meats. Though lotsa people still have the traditional roasts too.

Increasingly, a lot of fast food, American style.