Friday, 14 November 2008

I'm still excited

This SMH article has me feeling less worried about the state of "Australia". Particularly, this quote from Luhrmann :

"There was always a struggle within me. There's the way Titanic ends and
there's the way Gone With The Wind ends.
It's neither of those. It's an ending specific to this moment and it's what I want the film to give out and what I need in my own life. It's what I want to feel.
On that level, it's completely personal."
Excellent. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful.
Lovely as always to hear your voice again today :)
I think Australia looks great too.
Love that bag you made a couple posts back as well you clever chook.
well all my love to you and Noely Kanoly and the kids :)
Lus x

lusi said...

just linking you to my new blog mate
love lus x

Sumara said...

Thanks Lus :) Was good to talk to you too. Sorry I called at an annoying time, though.

Hey, you know, whenever I call Noel "Kanoly", he calls me Lusi.

Connor said...

I'm not enough of a film nut to always know the distinction between different styles of filmmaking, but Baz Luhrman is my favorite director. I'm with you. I hope it's awesome! And more than a mocked-up Western. But... the guy hasn't disappointed yet.

lusi said...

ok so am i funny or what?
so i have started a different new blog (yes i know) for reasons i shall explain another time :)
anyhoo new blog is linked in my name on this comment.
so funny.
ok its late i am obviouly tired but wanted to let you know.
love you,
lus xox