Thursday, 20 November 2008

My amazing daughter

My beautiful, firstborn, precious baby girl, Talitha, is 6 years old today.

She doesn't like it all that much when I call her "baby girl", but tough luck. She is and always will be. :) She is my sweet sunflower, craving attention and always, always, reaching for the brightest spot in the sunshine of life.

Here she is with her birthday present, a Tonka truck. She was thrilled to bits about it and was quick to ensure it got a good workout.

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.


HayleyB said...

Happy Birthday to Talitha! I love that she got a Tonka Truck for her birthday and how she loves it so much! It seems she is growing up so fast! It's funny that it feels that way, yet it feels like she has always been around. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Nic said...

Happy Birthday dear Talitha !! Hope its a fabulous day.

Congratulations Sumara on 6 years of motherhood, wow !

Sumara said...

Thank you girls.

Hayley, you're right - I can barely remember existing before her. Since the day she was born I've always felt like I know her so well already.