Sunday, 1 March 2009

The best of Chocolat

I watched Chocolat last night.

Ok, I will be honest and I say I made judicious use of the fast-forward button and only watched the best bits.

~ The bit where Anouk comes home all upset and asks about going to church and says "Why can't you wear black shoes like all the other mothers?".

~ And when the cute old man, whose name I can't remember (they're difficult French names ok?), the one who owns Charlie the dog, is confessing to Pere Henri about his lustful thoughts for Madame Audel.

~ And Roux's first appearance, noodling around on his guitar and looking up with that lovely face.

~ Serge dressing up like he's joining the circus, to apologise, and Josephine firmly telling him it's over.

~ Everything about the party for Armande. Especially the food and the music.

~ "I'll come round sometime and get that squeak outta your door", with that LOOK on his face. I promise I didn't rewind that part 4 times to watch it over and over.


Okay, maybe I did.


Maggie said...

Love love love that movie!

And did you eat chocolate during or after? It's essential!

Sumara said...

Oh yes I did! I had a block of dark orange, and a block of milk rocky road. Mmmm. I was even well behaved and didn't eat ALL of it.

HayleyB said...

Well done on being well behaved and not eating all the chocolate :). I really enjoyed Chocolat the first time I saw it, not sure if it is one I would watch more than a couple of times, but it is a good movie. That hair really suits Johnny too. (well, I think it does anyway)

Sumara said...

I think ANY of Johnny's hairstyles really suit him. lol. I am so not fussy when it comes to Johnny, I just love him far too much.