Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Fear and Loathing...

In Las Vegas .

Woah. Wooaaahh.

Nice movie. Nice in the "eerr.... *vaguely confused frown* ... nice" kinda way.

I tried watching it last night after my girls were in bed, but I fell asleep for part of it so I got pretty lost. I watched it again today while one was asleep and the other was out... and still got pretty lost. :) It's that kind of film.

When I first started it I was disappointed and last night I went to bed feeling down that I hadn't enjoyed it. Today, though, a while after the ending, I'm starting to love it. Perhaps, the whole film is such a wild trip (and it IS a wild trip!) that you can't really appreciate it until you've come down and had time to recover from the blurry and disturbing images that have just assaulted and travelled through your tingling senses.

I haven't read the book and I know very little about Hunter S. Thompson so perhaps that's why some of the images confused me... but I get the impression this was an exciting, pushing-the-boundaries writer who marched determinedly to the beat of his very own fantastic drum.

Benicio del Toro was fabulous as Dr Gonzo, and Johnny Depp as Raoul - well, I bet he was just having a wonderfully fun time while shooting this one, loving the adventure. I did marvel a little at both actors' ability to portray acid-riddled, ether-induced wanderings of the mind so convincingly.

I'm loving my adjectives today. :)

Anyway, I've come away from the experience with a thirst for knowledge about Hunter S Thompson... and an inexplicable urge to find out what an acid trip really feels like...

ANd now, form the ridiculous to the sublime... my bigger girl is watching the first Harry Potter movie right now, I might just join her...


Anonymous said...

oooh I looooooooove this movie. JD is so good in this. Hunter S Tompson was a tripper completetly. I was determined NOT to see this film, but when I heard JD was playing the role I knew it would turn out roses. And it does. It is entirely faithful to the book in that you are taken on a total trip and you really do feel tripped out watching it. lol. Go Gonzo!


Sumara said...

Hi Narelle!

It sure does feel trippy - and I have to say, falling asleep during parts of it and then watching it again without fallins asleep really adds to the trippiness! It was totally weird trying to figure out what the flip was going on.

Now that you've said that about the book I really really want to read it.

Thanks for dropping in. :-)