Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Bits and pieces...

I know I haven't been posting much. Real life, you know...

* I spoke again to the lady organising the drama classes at the rehabilitation centres. Her manager is concerned that I don't have insurance (personal liability/injury insurance) and they want me to get it. Blah. So she's going to send me some info about that, because I can't actually find a company that offers the kind of insurance they want me to have. Craziness.

* Applied for another boring just-need-money job, waitressing at a resort restaurant. Blech.

* Am reading David Copperfield at the moment. Charles Dickens. I really like it.

* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix starts showing on Wednesday. I don't love the movies, but I do love the books. So, far more exciting is that the final book is out soon. My fingers are all crossed that I will actually be able to get a copy at the library.

* Weight loss project continues. I actually put on weight the last two weeks, but my body fat percentage went down a fair bit. So that's gotta mean something.

* Still feeling pretty depressed and cranky about the lack of progress I'm making in just about anything. Also feeling lonely and unloved. Sucks to be me. Lucky you're you!

* Although, a general community announcement; when you're curled up on the kitchen floor crying (seriously, one of the best places for a cry - try it sometime), nothing beats having two gorgeous little girls come running from upstairs to see what's wrong... "cuddle will feel you better Mumma".

* Ray of hope on the horizon; as soon as I get my group certificate in the next week or so, I can do my tax which means I will get baby bonus money, a little itty bit of tax refund, and hopefulyy a little chunk of family tax money. Woohoo! Headshots to have done, children's birthdays and Christmas pressies to buy or lay-by, carpet to steam-clean, bills to pay.... hang on, this is getting less fun by the second...

and finally...

Philosophers have argued for centuries about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but materialists have always known it depends on whether they are jitterbugging or dancing cheek to cheek.
~Tom Robbins


hayley said...

Hi Sumara, sounds like you're having a bit of a blah-ish time at the moment. Hope you feel better about stuff soon! Congratulations on your lower body fat percentage, even if you haven't lost weight in the last little while, a reduction of body fat percentage is a great thing. I have also used the kitchen floor as a crying platform (not a bad spot to have a cry, but I don't have any daughters to come and try to make me feel better). Even if you have to spend your tax return etc on bills and what not, at least you will be in less debt, so that's a good thing, even if it isn't fun.

Also I just started reading the Harry Potter books. I really didn't think I'd be interested, but decided to give them a try, and I love them! I'm nearly finished the 3rd book now. Seen the first two movies as well (which are by no means as good as the books, but still alright in their own way).

Feel free to give me a call etc if you're ever in need of some company. I'm happy to oblige.

Best of luck with getting paid work soon! Hope you can find something suitable!

see you soon!

Sumara said...

Hey, thanks lovely!

It's so nice, in a very strange way, to hear that someone else has been known to cry on the kitchen floor too! And in lieu of handy comforting daughters - I hear cats are pretty good for comfort, maybe you could get one of those! ;-)

Hooray for Harry Potter! Of course the movies are never as good as the books, but what can you do.

Thanks so much for the message. :-)