Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Still cold!

Yesterday was apparently the coldest day in Sydney since 1986. It got down to 3.7 in the city, but out at at Richmond? Minus 3, thank you very much. And at 9am when I was in the car on my way to the city, it was still minus 2. And that was after I'd spent 5 minutes on my driveway trying to unfreeze my windscreen.

I was going to convert those numbers to fahrenheit, but 27 degrees just doesn't sound as impressively cold as minus 3 degrees, does it?

Anyway, enough about the weather.

The "interview/training session" yesterday was great. The manager is a really nice casual friendly guy, and the general vibe of the company seems so much more fun than the other company. He was kinda talking as if we all already had the job, but he didn't actually say that, so I'm not 100% sure. Why didn't I just ask? Cos I'm stoopid, obviously. But I shall call in a couple of days to confirm, and then if I do have that one, I will tell the other promotions one "no thanks". This one is purely advertising and samples based, so no sales at all. Driving around little tiny cars covered in advertising or going to shopping centres and events to hand out free samples. Lots of fun!

I'm donating blood later today. Be nice to me! :-)

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Nic,Beren & Freya said...

BRRRRRRR yes it was very very cold.

That job does sound fun !