Monday, 16 July 2007

Jobs, jobs, jobs...

Still no acting jobs... darn it! Darn you all to heck! (what am I quoting there? I can't remember.)

However, I did get the promotions job for which I trekked into the city today. Hooray! I don't think I'm going to like it much, as it seems to be more sales than anything, and I am the #1 most reluctant salesperson on the planet, but HOORAY anyway! I don't start for a couple of weeks, and it's pretty variable casual shifts which will hopefully work out nicely with other stuff.

Other stuff being, hopefully, other jobs.

I have another "interview and training session" tomorrow for another promotions job, one which is not sales-based, but more stand-around-wearing-branded-clothes-giving-stuff-away type promotions. Oh and they also have those cute little advertising-covered cars that need to be driven around and shown off to the world.

Now, to me, "interview and training session", and the fact that he said I'd be needed for about an hour and a half, sounds pretty positive to me. Surely, if there wasn't a fairly big chance of being hired, he would just say "interview" and not mention the training session?

Anyway, who knows. Will be doing the trek again tomorrow to the exact street in Alexandria that Noel used to work, years ago, when we were young and freshly in love... ha. rambling.

The restaurant trial shift went well, I thought. The worst thing I did was almost seat a couple at a table that was already reserved, and then switched to another table that was also reserved, requiring the other waitress nearby to gesticulate wildly across the room and then run over to apologise for me being new and ignorant of table-reserving procedures. Oops, but nothing dramatic. The supervisor said I'd done well even though I'd been thrown into the deep end (didn't feel deep to me at all actually!), and she'll call me sometime this week.

Blah. I really wish I had some actual proper exciting work (ie ACTING work) to report about, but still, this is all good. :-) Positive positive positive.


Lus :) said...

hi love :)
darn you darn you all to heck.....i think is from toy story or some kind of pixar movie maybe????? hmmmmmmm
would so love a catch up with you - need to come for a visit. totally understand the cold weather thing here - brrrrrr
chat soon and love to you all!
lus x

Sumara said...

Yes you do need to come for a visit! Remember you were going to come one night in May? Ya dag.
You haven't even seen our new house yet and we've been here over a year.

So yes, pleeaaase come visit!

I'm thinking it might be from Madagascar or The Wild. Hmmm, perhaps I need to park the girls in front of the telly for some research.

I've been following your blog. You're doing so well with everything! So much goodness going on. :-) Yay for you!