Thursday, 31 July 2008

The List...

Every now and then I mention putting something on my To-Watch list, or watching something from it. Said list is a scrap of old notepaper that I keep in my wallet for quick reference at the video shop or department store.

Here's what's on it right now...

In Her Shoes
The Ninth Gate
The Brave (I'm DYING to see this, anyone know where I can find it in Australia???)
The Pianist
Dog Day Afternoon
Eve's Bayou
The General
Casablanca (I know! I can't believe I haven't seen it yet!)
Raising Arizona
Connie and Carla
Donnie Darko

Also still on the list was Arizona Dream, but I have actually seen that a little while ago... weird... will see it again though to try and understand the little sucker...

(Oh and there's a title on there - "That Hideous Strength", which I have no idea about. I cannot find a film by that name on IMDB or anywhere. What was I thinking about, I wonder?
EDIT - I found a novel by CS Lewis with that title. And I have no idea why I would have wanted to read it, especially as it appears to be the third of a series. Chalk that one up to one of those odd random moments I often have...)

So, I'm thinking that's actually a pretty short list. Why are there not more films on my list?

What, dear lovelies, do I need to add to it?


HayleyB said...

I have "Closer" on DVD if you want to borrow it (or have it, I didn't really like it and probably won't watch it again). It's one of those films that I was expecting a bit more from (or maybe expecting something different), and it didn't really meet my expectation. I might have enjoyed it more if I knew more about it???? Maybe.... You might like it though, everyone is different. Anyway, let me know if you want it. Perhaps you should add "Girl with a Pearl Earring" to your list, it's interesting. I have it also if you would like to borrow.... I haven't seen any of the other movies on your list so I can't really comment on those. If you want suggestions of more movies for your list, I have a few:
The Wrong Man
The Holiday (this one is a bit of a feel good movie, not too deep though. Its score is composed by Hans Zimmer but still nice....)
Fight Club

That's all for now, I can't remember what else....

Sumara said...

Oh yes now I remember you mentioned Girl With a Pearl Earring another time. I'd love to borrow those two if you don't mind. :) I don't even remember what Closer is about so I'm not expecting anything!

I've seen Fight Club, we have the DVD and I do really like that one.
The Holiday, yes! I wwsa meaning to see that when it first caame out and then forgot all about it.

Thanks Hayley. :)

Foster Fam said...

Connie and Carla is hysterically funny! The movie we watch when we need a good laugh. I'd let you borrow it but it's kinda hard to get it to you!

Sister Suffragette! said...

My favourite film recenty was Marie Antoinette- a huge surprise as I had avoided seeing it and then hired it as there was nothing else. I LOED it! It was so evocative- and there are some really great performances.

Sumara said...

Hi Chrissy! Thanks for visiting me here. :)
I saw Marie Antoinette in the cinema and liked it...
Thanks for the reminder, it's one that I'd like to get on DVD. :)