Thursday, 24 July 2008

And now for something *not all that* different...

I have a secret. A very important and surprising revelation.

I am interested in Other Things. That's right, my life does not revolve entirely around dreaming of being an actor and sitting around watching films. In fact, a very small percentage of my current life revolves around those things. I spend my days with my family; feeding and teaching and entertaining them, loving them, finding ways to provide for them.

In honour of that fact, and in an effort to revive this dwindling blog, I'm going to start blogging about a broader range of topics. Essentially, instead of being about "me the actor", it will be a place for "me the creative person". Anything that can concievably be called Creative will be fair game - photography (if Noel ever lets me get my hands back on the camera!) sewing, cooking, craft, kid stuff, and of course film and drama. I want this to be a happy little corner for me to just be me. And I'll try to include lots of photos.

Sound okay?
Anything you wanna hear about?


HayleyB said...

That sounds perfect Sumara! Looking forward to reading more about your creative side! Especially your cooking escapades and photography. Maybe you can tell us about creative projects you'd like to do, craft you might do with the kids, creative skills you'd like to learn (eg. knitting or something. In my case, I want to be able to sew and be good at using a sewing machine, even if it is only so that I can take up pants which are always too long for me!).

At the rate Noel is going with your camera, you might just have to find a way to get one of your own! .... Or use it when he is at work and hasn't taken it with him!

Not sure what else I specifically want to read about, but I'll let you know if I think of something!

Sumara said...

Gosh you're quick Hayley. :) I was just pottering around changing the layout etc and there was a new comment!

Thanks. Yes I will definitely post about sewing etc. I have lots of plans for home made gifts for Chistmas this year; *hopefully* the motivation to blog about it here will be enough to make me actually get on with it!

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear.
OOh please post about making up songs! You know it is THE most creative and interesting thing in the world!
Although she is a STAR
she should SING long and Far...lalala!!! THAt would be right on PAR!!!"

You see that one even rhymed sort of...*smile* Heehehe.

Sumara said...

Yay for made-up songs! Wheeee!