Monday, 7 July 2008

Freddie Highmore rocks.

If I were 14, I would be so in love with Freddie Highmore. What a brilliant and lovely young man. Alas, when I was 14, he was 2; so for now I shall stick with great admiration. His acting is truthful and understated and seemingly effortless, and his personality is gorgeous.

I found these quotes on his IMDB page...
[Talking about his dressing room demands] Because I'm a spoiled little brat, I absolutely always insist on a table and chair and lighting. This February I'm even going to demand heating.
[On celebrity] As long as you don't stand on the corner and wave your arms about, people don't notice you too much.

Funny boy. I just think he's so mature and grounded and intelligent.

Okay, so that's enough fangirling.

As I mentioned, we watched August Rush the other night. I loved it. My girls kept looking over at me, all worried, because I kept gasping and grinning and sobbing. And you've gotta love a film that gets those emotions going! (although I have to admit you probably wouldn't find it as emotional if you aren't a parent)
I absolutely love the way that the music of this film is so integral to it. Maybe I'm just a sap but I found the concept of the music leading Evan to his parents just beautiful.
I surprised myself by being impressed by Robin Williams. I generally don't like him much (too much swearing and stupid humour for me) but as the manipulative kind of Fagan character, he was excellent. Quite scarily horrible.

Okay, I shall stop rambling. I'm typing one handed while feeding the bubba and I can't get my thoughts together. Off to entertain the troops...


Anonymous said...

You have made me want to say - 'Shia LaBeouf'. If I were single and had just finished school... I know he has only been in box office, comedy, family movies... but he is talented. I keep saying to people after I see movies with him in it... in a prophetic kind of way... "he is going to go far...". He always brings more to the role than he needs to. He has clearly worked on character. I'm predicting a character actor to rival Tom Hanks! Proove me right Shia!

Sumara said...

Ooh yes Shia is someone people talk about! I've not seen much of him, I should check him out.

Oh and Sarah I spoke to my friend Jackie who used to work in Hong Kong and she does indeed know your parents. She raved about how lovely they are. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course they are lovely - they gave birth to me... heehee. Small world hey?
Yeah if you want see how crossroads are going you can read about Mum & Dads work and adventures from the "Hong Kong Adventure" link on my blog. :-)