Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Dark Knight

Just got back from the local (kinda crappy*) cinema after seeing the most hyped film in ages... and loving it as much as I ever love an action film.

You see, I have issues watching action movies. I tend to keep trying to see and understand what each person is up to, whereas I think you really need to watch them with a bit more of a broad mindset so that you don't get lost in the details. I tend to get quite lost and only when I realise I'm getting lost, stop and broaden my focus a little, do I start to figure out what's going on and enjoy it a bit more.

Plus, I must admit there was a bit of an emotional thing going on with me. I really wanted to see more of Heath Ledger (because he was utterly wonderful and I just wanted to drink him up!) and I kept getting annoyed when I thought there wasn't enough of The Joker.

So, setting aside my neurotic weirdness.... it's a great film. Like I said, Ledger was wonderful, totally stealing the show. Really. His every movement and sound and look screamed out his character. There was nothing missing and nothing too over the top. I'm trying not to be emotional about it and praise him just because he's now gone, and I honestly don't think I am. He deserves the praise. It's the ultimate Joker.

I enjoyed watching Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, too. He keeps surprising me that guy (Eckhart I mean); one minute I think he's your typical light-comedy kinda guy, the next minute he's doing something really dramatic, then he's off doing psycho comic-book guy. I like it.

Christian Bale, well, he's Batman. What is there to say? Apparently he's one of the hot sexy guys out there at the moment... I dunno... I've never noticed... anyway, he's a lovely Mr Wayne. Maggie Gyllenhaal was her typical cute self. Nothing particularly special, but then the character didn't call for anything much.

And how cute is Alfred? You've gotta love Alfred, and his relationship with Bruce/Batman.

The most annoying thing, and this is something that has been really starting to get to me lately, was the music. As soon as some music started, I thought "ah, composed by Hans Zimmer." And I don't like that. I want the music to subtley and cleverly fill in some gaps and accentuate some great moments. I don't want it to scream "Hello!!! I was composed by Hans Zimmer!!! That's why you are suddenly, inexplicably thinking about Pirates, Lions, and kung fu Pandas!!!"

No offence, Mr Zimmer. Your music really is beautiful. Just... perhaps... a little more variation? Some new themes? Ta.

(okay, have to laugh... I just read on Zimmer's IMDB page that he apparently "plans to retire" for some years after The Dark Knight, to work on teaching and helping young composers. Perhaps he figured out his issues before I did...)

Anyway, back to the topic... The Dark Knight.... yes, lovely. A little too much "action movie" for me but hey, it is in fact an action movie - so we can't fault them on that!


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HayleyB said...

Oh yes, Hans Zimmer. I know just what you're talking about. But I have to say that in my opinion John Williams is far worse. I site Superman and Memoirs of a Geisha as examples.

The issue here is not so much sameness between movies, but sameness within those movies ie, one song seems to sound like the next, and the next and the next.... Don't get me wrong, I think he is talented, but like you Sumara, I don't want a movie to scream at me that the music was composed by a particular person.

Composers aside, I think I'd like to see this new Batman movie. Looking forward to seeing Heath's fine work especially. Seeing some talented actors at work is always fun... and I don't mind action films generally speaking.

PS, have you seen Girl With a Pearl Earring? I saw it for the first time the other night, and I wonder if it's just me, or did the movie seem unfinished? Maybe I missed something, or maybe it's just that sort of movie.

Sumara said...

lol yes, I think there's a fine line between music that flows together and seamlessly moves throughthe story of the film, and music that just goes blah blah blah trailing through the film... ah, I have such an eloquent vocabulary...

Oh yes, Heath's work is SO fine! I've actually been thinking I should go see TDK again, both to marvel over Heath and to try to understand the plot a little better!

I don't think I've seen Girl With a Pearl Earring. I'll put it on my list though and let you know what I think. I really like movies that are *purposely* "unfinished" but if it's just not quite done, not so much...