Thursday, 25 May 2006

Beat their heads against a wall!

The Australians. The Australians beat their heads against a wall. It's the Italians who wave their arms in the air. !

My Missy girl thinks I'm a nutter because I keep randomly standing up, while she's playing happily, and talking to some invisible person on the couch about Italians and Americans and clear dazzling light.

Considering she's a complete nutter herself (yesterday and today she keeps coming out with totally uncalled-for "I SO sorry!" at random moments), I think I'll get away with it.

Speaking of nutcases, Noel asked me yesterday, during a corker of an argument, "so how long between doing unpaid acting jobs and getting paid acting jobs?" Now there's a question for you... ummm, well, exactly 2 months, 3 weeks, 4 days and 17 hours after the 3rd unpaid job, I qualify for the paid one.

But only if my husband signs the form that says "I love my wife to the moon and back and will support her every wish and dream until she is successful at whatever she so desires to be successful at".

How does that sound?

But, in the interests of boring mundane stuff like being able to eat out every now and then and buying the girls shoes for winter (you know, the luxuries!), I've decided to look for a job. However I'm going to be very demanding about it so I don't know what my chances'll be. I want one or two days a week, no more. Preferably Sunday and one weekday. Can't do nights. So I'm writing up a bit of a resume-slash-cover-letter-slash-plea-for-charity, and will wander around the town tomorrow handing that out to unsuspecting retailers.

Best be off and do it, I guess. :)

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