Tuesday, 30 May 2006

"Mummy likes Johnny Depp too much"

said Noel to the girls.

Said I in reply: "Well, he's brilliant." and then "You like Angelina Jolie too much, and you don't even have a good reason."

"Boobs" he said. "That's a good reason. And mouth. Two good reasons."


Seriously though, apart from being almost ridiculously sexy for a 46-year-old, Johnny Depp is brilliant. I just love that he never plays the boring old "romantic lead", he chooses fabulous characters and does all of them with such style and... completeness... is that a word? He really delves into his characters and makes them deep, wonderful, complete people.

I'm so looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean... Dead Man's Chest. There's a cinema just down the road from me and they've had the poster up for ages... it's a nice little distraction to stroll past Johnny's glinting eyes as I walk to the shops.

And, rumour has it that Johnny might be playing Michael Hutchence in the new movie about his life. Which I think would be perfect. Of course I think that...

*Noel rolls his eyes*


Nic and Beren said...

I think he is Yummmmmmy too !

Narelle said...

Oh wow, I just found your blog. I'm excited about this too. JD is my favourite actor...ever. Just sublime.

Sumara said...

Oh hi Narelle!
Yep, sublime, and yep Nic, yummmy!

My ultimate movie-star dream is to be in a film with him.

Narelle said...

Let me know when you get the part. I'll sneal on in and be a runner. Actually, I'dd stand there all day and light his ciggies if he wants.

HipbubbyMama said...

oooh yes! i so agreeee JD mmmmmmmmm :D

*rolls eyes at Noel. Men!!!*