Sunday, 28 May 2006

Well, I'm glad I went.

That's all I can report for now. :)

The audition was pretty good really, a bit nerve-wracking and I was a bit flustered but as good as you would expect one's first audition in 4 years to be! I remembered the monologue correctly (enough) anyway!

I have a feeling I wouldn't have come across very well on camera - and it was disconcerting that the panel had to keep switching between looking at me and at the video screen. Directors at auditions are notoriously good at not revealing what they really think. Good poker faces, they have.
Or maybe that's just how directors look at me, cos I'm no good...

No, stop! None of that negativity Sumara dear. *wags finger* "You have as good a chance as anybody else", she says, reminding herself of Charlie Buckett and his Golden Ticket. "You never know."

Noel, darling boy that he is, even drove me there and waited outside in the car with the girls - and didn't complain once. Good boy, Noely. ;)

All in all, a good experience. A nice little step forward.


Nic and Beren said...

That was lovely of Noel to do that. Glad it went well.

lusi said...

good on ya noel kenoly!!! Go Sumi girl - you are right, you have as good as chance as anyone!!!