Wednesday, 6 September 2006


The sound of heavy lashing rain is just devine. There's something that's just incredibly sensuous and spiritual about rain.

Ok, I couldn't resist. It started hailing so I went outside to watch and listen. When the hail stopped I stood out in the rain and just felt the rapture of the moment. Mmmmm.

I'm watching Before Sunrise at the moment. Well, sort of watching, in between typing here and loving the rain outside. But I did watch it properly on the weekend. It's kinda kooky but fascinating. I love the idea of it nad the story of it but I'm left feeling that I wish I could fall in love with the two characters. I want to love them and I think the film wants me to love them but I don't quite. I'm not sure why that is. Although, listening now, I do love and understand them a bit more the 2nd time. Perhaps if I watch it a few times I will discover them properly.

Yesterday I watched The Doors . Noel bought it for me, bless 'im. When I first saw this film (I must've been about 14, and I've always loved The Doors), I fell totally in teenage fangirl lust with Val Kilmer. Sexy, sexy man. And... er, he's still pretty good. :) I can't be objective about the film because I grew up loving The Doors, and Jim has been one of my huge inspirations since forever... I think Kilmer and Meg Ryan and, especially, the blokes playing Ray and John and Robbie all did brilliant work.

I just read a few comments about Kilmer's performance and apparently even the original band members (see, it's not just me!) were amazed and impressed with his singing and the way he captured Jim so well. He did most of the singing in the film himself, that's pretty impressive.

Anyway, (last paragraph of this rambling entry I promise) I'm on a bit of a mission to watch more films, and to get to know more actors and directors and writers... so, feel free to recommend any and all films you think I should watch as part of my education. :)


Nic and Beren said...

Oh The Doors was my favourite movie when I was a teenager too. Im a big fan, and Val Kilmer did brilliantly.

Nic and Beren said...

Oh forgot to say, I have the book "No one here gets out alive" if you want to borrow it?

Connor said...

My own film-experience is pretty patchy, but I'd recommend:

anything by Baz Luhrman
anything by Jane Campion
Dog Day Afternoon
Eve's Bayou
and Pirates of the Car... well, we've got that covered.

merlin said...

You should listen to Tom Waits - particularly the song "make it rain" from his most recent album "Real Gone"

Reminds me of a line from That Hideous Strength when I think 3 of the characters are together, a young couple and the main character woman who is in a state of estrangement form her husband and they're having a picnic in a car because it is raining and it surprises the woman when one or the other of the couple says "I really like weather" ... the whole thing of it not having to be "nice" weather, "sunny weather" ... all weather is good. I went to see Toad the Wet sprocket one year on the HORDE festival tour and I saw it in Scranton PA at a Ski resort in the summer, and it was about 60 degrees and raining all day, wind wipping a little, water getting on the stage (which was of course, protected by a canopy we in the audience did not have) and Glenn Philips from Toad came on and said "isn't this great? this is the kind of sh*t that let's you know you're alive! for about 3 weeks now I've been feeling like something was out of place in life ... and this is it, I was too damn comfortable"

This will make you jealous and I really do wish I could balance the inconsistency/injustice ... but I bought a pirate copy of Dead Man's Chest so I already own it on DVD (well, not like I'm not going to get the copy that actually looks good on the screen and has the T&T commentary on it ... when it comes out) ... from some street vendor, they usually have all the latest movies pirate copies - not so great picture quality etc, although this one of DMC was not as bad as some I have seen ... it's basically a "tie over" till the real DVD comes out.

Anyway, Just thought I would stop by and say hello ... glad the audition went well :)

Sumara said...

Thanks Connor, I will put those on my list. I love Baz Luhrman too - see my favourite movies in my profile. :)

Hi Merlin, I was wondering if you'd vanished into the ether or something lately. :) Yes, true, rain really does make you feel alive. We have a DVD of a Jamiroquai concert in Italy and it's pouring rain with a not-very-good cover over the stage - Jay is completely soaked and sliding around the stage floor, just loving it.

You evil, evil man buying pirated DVDs. ;-) I'm only vaguely jealous because Noel and I, being total DVD snobs, refuse to watch pirated stuff. Not because we're particularly noble and ethical or antyhing like that, just because Noel can't stand the inferior quality. It would be an insult to our very nice screen and sound system (ie Noel's favourite toys!).
If you're going to buy a proper version as well than I guess I can forgive you. :)

I will look up Tom Waits, and That Hideous Strength.

Thanks for dropping in guys, it was nice to find comments here today. :)

merlin said...

the ether? ... no, but I did go off the edge of the map momentarily ... "here there be monsters, mate!" LOL

Sumara said...