Thursday, 21 September 2006

Audition Schmaudition

Blah. This is probably a silly thing to be annoyed about, but anyway, I reserve the right to be annoyed.

I went in to the city today for what was booked as an audition for a short student film. So, I learnt the script, dressed appropriately to the character, spent a couple of hours (return) on trains. And turns out Mr "I'm-going-to-be-a-big-time-movie-director-one-day" Student Director didn't want to do anything more today than chat about the film and the character. He asked me about myself and what I thought of the character, taping the whole while, and form that he will put togather a short-list and then audition people in pairs or groups at a later date.

It's probably a perfectly sensible way to cast a film and this guy, to be honest, really did seem to know what he was on about, but I just felt like it was all a bit much to be expecting for an unpaid student short. Maybe he thought everyone would just be coming from 5 minutes away or popping in on the way to something else.

I guess I'm just annoyed because in making the decision of either really connecting with the character or learning the script - I erred on the side of learning the script today, which is not what I usually do. And really, the character as written in the script is pretty flimsy so I didn't really have much to say.

So maybe what it all boils down to is that I'm annoyed because it didn't go well. Hmm.

In other news... the "ghost woman" film. I tried calling the director yesterday and didn't get through, so then figured if he wanted me he would've called or emailed me and figured I'd missed out on an audition. But this afternoon I decided I might as well call and let him know that if he's still auditioning, I'm still interested. So, I did, and he answered (yay, he exists!). He said he's in the middle of casting now and talking with his casting person, but he still may want me to audition. He'll let me know tonight or tomorrow. Which is nice - he could've just said "nope, you missed your chance" I suppose.

And in other other news... Noel, of all people, said today "hey we have to go see Macbeth".
"Egads", thinks Sumara. "My husband, suggesting we go see an arty-farty Australian Shakespeare film?"
Of course then he followed it up with "because apparently Mick Molloy is really excellent in it, he does some huge nurder scene and makes it really real."

Mick Molloy? Killing people? In Shakespeare? Who'da thunk it? Sounds good though, hey.


jkr2 said...

molloy? really?


we might have to see that then... lol..


Sumara said...

Yep, really.

I know. But apparently he's done a really suberb job... and not a bodily-function-joke in sight.

Sumara said...

and I just realised that in my post I wrote "huge Nurder scene". Ha ha ha!

Ooohh ahhh big scary nurderer!

lusi said...

lol - you crack me up! when are you going to see the big bad nurderer? have fun!

Sumara said...

We're hopefully going to see it this Thursday. I'll definitely report back when we do. :-)