Tuesday, 12 September 2006


I saw Jindabyne on the weekend, and I've been thinking and thinking about it, trying to decide what I think of it. Truly, I just don't know what I think. It just didn't grab me.

It was well made, and the story it told was worth telling... but to me, there's something missing. I think the script was a bit dodgy. There was beautiful photography and some nice performances, but overall I just wasn't impressed (but I wasn't UNimpressed either). Perhaps I need to see it again to 'get' it.

Laura Linney as one of the leads really annoyed me. I just didn't understand what Claire was on about. There was this weird backstory that was briefly touched on but never really dealt with, and so much weirdness in the character that didn't feel real to me. I just didn't really believe her.

Oh, and lots of little side-stories and sub-plots that I wanted to know more about... perhaps they were just there as extensions of the "sudden inexplicable occurrences" theme... perhaps the director wanted us to feel confused and reaching for something, because that's what the characters are going through. Maybe?

I'll see it again if I get a chance and try to pay more attention to the good bits. :)


jkr2 said...

i'm trying to work out whether to see this, sumara.

i totally adore gabriel byrne, but don't know if i'll be too creeped....


Sumara said...

Do see it if you get the chance... it was only a tad creepy.

Although if you have to choose one movie to see... I reckon Macbeth is the one to see, I'm really excited about that one. Likely to be much more of a freak-out though. :-)