Monday, 25 September 2006

*pout* and *lordy me!*

Just having a bit of a sulk today. Feeling a bit insecure and anxious about the whole do-dah of trying to get acting work. I haven't heard back from the film director, the agent person who said she'd call me back hasn't called, and recent auditions have been dodgy and uncomfortable.

Ah well, life goes on... (long after the thrill....)

And another thing that's making me a bit stroppy. What makes people think it's okay to just claim famous people as their own? I read an article last week about a Scottish girl who has been chosen to audition for the role of Johanna in Tim Burton's film of Sweeney Todd. In the interview she said "Johnny Depp's a great actor, and my future husband, so it'd be good to meet him early". Apparently other people think it's cute and funny that she said that. I think it's rude. Depp is very happily shacked up (in the classiest sense of the phrase of course!) with Vanessa Paradis and their two children. Would you speak about any other happily married family man as if he was planning to marry you one day? I ruddy well hope not.
I also recently read a similar comment relating to Tom Cruise.

Big-time actors might have to cope with their lives being constantly put in the spotlight, but I really don't think they should have to put up with that kind of comment. It's just not classy, people.

(because I know. I myself am uber-classy. and don't you forget it. baby.)

Edited to add - just after posting earlier, I was strolling through my usual blog-reading list and came across this article reviewing a controversial new "biography" of Nicole Kidman. Turns out it's not a biography at all really, just a freaky man's account of her life and film career from his lustful point of view. The quotes provided there are really disturbing. How dare anyone think it's okay to write a book with such descriptive and invasive imagery of someone he's actually got zero relationship with? He seems to think that Kidman is a film star simply and purely for his own pleasure. Geez, man... there are magazines for people like you.

All of which begs the question, of course... what if I do succeed at establishing a great film career, and bcome famous, and people start writing/saying trashy things like this about me? I guess the only thing to do is ignore the tripe, and not let it get you down. And in the meantime... keep myintegrity, stick to myvalues and trust myself in every step I take. Then, wherever I end up, I'll know I'm in the right place and I won't have any reason to worry about the trash.

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