Wednesday, 3 January 2007

I am so not a light-comedy kinda person

A wee bit of acting today in a ridiculous little tropfest film...

I got a call late last night asking if I was available today to be a featured extra in a scene. It was described as "a parody of an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting and the director specifically said "so dress how you think an alcoholic would look".

I did so, and turned up at the studio looking every bit the alcoholic-suburban-housewife-in-denial.

Which would have been fabulous if in fact the scene was anything to do with AA.

Instead of an "Incontinents Anonymous" meeting, to which the participants had to wear adult nappies poking out the top of their pants/skirts. Every one of the extras were told the same speil about looking "like an alcoholic" and then we turn up and are asked to put on our nappy!

We all went along with it as cheerfully as we could manage, trying really hard to see the funny side and trusting the director and lead actress when they said that in context it was going to be really funny and not so ridiculous. The bloke beside me and I consoled each other with the hope that no one we knew would ever see the film. It's a shame they felt the need to trick people about what the scene was to get the extras they needed.

And I'm sure it will be a great, funny film and I wish them luck. It's just not my cup of tea.

One perk of the day was that the lead actress is Rebel Wilson. She's a great girl and it was nice to meet and chat with her. She's most recognisable from Fat Pizza and The Wedge (TV shows)She'll be seen in a cameo role in the upcoming Ghostrider with Nicolas Cage, and I have to admit I hung on her every word as she told about acting with Nic Cage and Eva Mendes.

Apparently Rebel was told not to speak to Mr Cage until he first spoke to her - even while they were on set and acting together she was not allowed to speak to him. Eh, that kind of behaviour from big stars really irks me - I can understand huge celebrities not wanting to speak to every fan in the street, but your fellow actors? That's just rude. If you're busy or tired, how hard is to simply smile politely and excuse yourself, rather than making all sorts of rules about who may speak to you and when. Blech. I was really disappointed by that because I've admired Cage for a long time and now I won't be able to watch him without grumpily thinking "prima donna!"

Anyway Rebel's a lovely girl and I enjoyed meeting her. The other actors were great too. And I suppose it's always worthwhile to have a few hours more experience around a film set.

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