Monday, 22 January 2007

Shantaram news

It's been announced that Shantaram, which has been talked about and in pre-production for years, finally has a new director. Mira Nair is attached and the plan is to start filming around October this year.

I'm desperately hoping that at least some shooting will take place in Australia. (the [true] story is of an escaped Australian criminal who flees to India and has all sorts of adventures) And no, not just because I'd like to see Johnny Depp in Aus, but because the film industry here is just starting to pick up after quite a slump and this kind of project happening here would be exciting. However I imagine most of the film will be shot in India, and I *think* I read a while ago that the studio shooting would be done in England. But hey, I can keep hoping.

I was given Shantaram, the book, for Christmas, and from the first few pages I've read so far I think I'm going to love it. I'm excited about the film.

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