Monday, 15 January 2007

a step and a decision

I received a reply from one of the casting companies I emailed - a consultant from Mullinar's who wants me to come in for a go-see this Wednesday. Yay! A go-see isn't a huge thing (it just means meeting with one or two casting consultants, performing a monologue for camera; introducing yourself to them, basically, so they have you on file), but it is definitely a good positive step, and I'm excited!

Mullinar's is, I think, the biggest casting company in Australia and they cast a lot of both film and television. Impressing them would be a very good thing. I attended a go-see there when I was 14 but that was a long time ago and I was with a less-than-competent agent who wouldn't have recognised a suitable role if it jumped up and bit her (other people had problems with said agent too, so it's not just me being bitter, I assure you). These days I'm more capable of assertiveness and hopefully, even without an agent, I can do better to put myself forward for more roles.

In other news, I've decided not to do any more unpaid extra work, because the last few times have been pretty frustrating and unhelpful experiences. I'll still do unpaid roles if it's something that seems worthwhile and is meaty enough to be put on a showreel, but I think 7 or 8 months of volunteering to be a space-filler for sometimes-interesting, sometimes-weird-and-frustrating student and amatuer directors is enough.

However there's still one "featured extra" part coming up; another short film that was originally scheduled for December. It's on 25th Jan now and I'm playing a school teacher. I think I even get to speak, and the producer on this one seems lovely and organised, so perhaps it will be a better experience.

Anyway; less time on the computer, Sumara, and more time rehearsing a monologue...

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