Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A little ant at the bottom of the anthill...

Yep, that's me.

I went to Mullinar's today for my go-see, and it went well, but it mainly served to remind me how very small I am and how far I have to go. The 20 or so girls in the waiting room waiting to be tested for a TVC; the receptionist fielding dozens of calls about productions and talent and castings; the movie posters all over the walls; the stacks of paperwork with hundreds of peoples' names on them - all of them hopeful actors, just like me, hoping to climb a bit higher on that ant-hill. I've spent half the afternoon wracking my brain to think of ways to get myself noticed.... Work Hard is the only logical answer I can think of. :-) But of course!

The consultant I met with was lovely, very friendly and welcoming. He reminded me a lot of Ethan Hawke. He seemed really interested in hearing all about me, and I found myself wishing I'd thought of a few "talking points" so that I wouldn't have come out with quite so many "um"s. He was happy with me doing two monologues (I chose one Australian and one American), and said that they were great (but he probably says that to everyone!). I had to pose for a few repeat photos because there were technical issues with the video camera's still-photo function.

I also wished I'd written down a list of questions to ask because when he asked if I had any, I only thought of one pretty insignificant one. On the way home I kept thinking of other things I wanted to know. Isn't that always the way?

My girls also got a mention; I talked about them briefly and the consultant wanted to know their ages. Apparently they sometimes need mothers with their own children for things, so they like to know who has kids and how old they are. That sounds like fun!

The main thing he had to say to me was recommending I get an agent. He said they don't mind if you do or not, but it's more likely that you'll get noticed if you do. I told him yep, I'd love to have an agent and all I can do is keep sending them my info and hope someone takes notice.

Anyway, I left feeling good about myself. I think I left him with a good impression, but whether or not he remembers me next time something comes up remains to be seen. I think the first thing on my to-do list now is to get new headshots done and do the rounds of the agents again; see if I can't get me some representation.

After that, I took myself to the movies and saw Marie Antoinette. I shall write about that in another post.

Meanwhile, I just caught some of Australian Princess on TV. Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously, what the heck kind of television is that? Who watches these things? I'm off to clear my brain of the strange princessy madness by reading a good book...


Connor said...

Very interested in what you think of M.A. Haven't seen it yet, but I'm definitely curious.

Anonymous said...

hi matey - well done with mullinars - wonder if its changed much since i was there last...been so long now feels like i must be 100 or, been great catching up on the posts i've missed and loved what you wrote about MA - methinks i can feel a bit of a movie marathon nite coming along...
how's that gorgeous fam of yours anyway?
lots of love sweet,
lus x