Thursday, 15 February 2007

Ponderings on the future of film... etc...

I just read this post by John August (the screenwriter of Go, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... and I'm not sure what else...), about the new technologies in entertainment and the possibilities of writing films specifically for 2-inch screens such as iPods, mobile phones etc.

This comment literally brought anxious tears to my eyes. The idea that large-format film could fall by the wayside, cast off in favour of miniature technology and short attention-spans totally freaks me out. Not only because I want to make a career out of said film, but because... well, can you imagine *not* seeing movies at the cinema? Imagine the largest screen available being your own TV, imagine spending hours staring at a screen so small it might as well be Elmo's Let's-Pretend Movie Theatre.

Now, I am biased I guess because I dont have an iPod, never used one. I only use my mobile phone for making phone calls (oh and occasional photography when I've forgotten the camera) and YouTube actually kinda annoys me. But hey, I reckon there are plenty of people just like me who can't bear the thought of even fewer great films than we get now.

I am greatly comforted by the fact that live theatre still exists, and flourishes in some ways - in fact seems to be growing again in popularity, so it's fairly unreasonable to think that film as we know it would disappear completely. I can see it reducing somewhat to a more "arty" pastime, much as live theatre is now - for the more wealthy and/or artistically-minded people.... but that sounds good to me! I can live with that.

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