Wednesday, 28 February 2007


I'm so annoyed! I just want to tell the whoel institution that is The Media to stick it. somewhere nasty.

Why, you ask? Well, of course, there are about a kazillion reasons for wanting the media to shut up, but the current one is the announcment I just heard on the news...

"Stripped bare... rave reviews for Harry Potter's daring stage debut."

followed by " Harry Potter is all grown up" and a couple of minutes talking about Daniel Radcliffe (yes they did eventually get around to using his actual name) in the play Equus,a dn how he smokes and appears nude. Not one mention of the other star of the play (Richard Griffiths), supporting castmembers, or even the plot!

Now I'm sure this was all expected and I'm sure Radcliffe and the cast are dealing with it graciously. But geez louise, I'm so sick of hearing "Harry Potter" this and "Harry Potter" that, as if he's not just a fictional character reappearing every couple of years. If the media keep up all this craziness, it's sure going to be painful when all the films are finsihed and Radcliffe et al start doing other films.



Connor said...

I hear that. Ug.

Nic and Beren said...

ahhh how annoying.